A highlight from The Productive Podcaster | EP21: Transformation Nation


Who's thinking about doing your podcast doesn't matter if you've been thinking about it for five months or five years what we wanna do is just let you know that there is no cookie cutter way to podcast and we have so many people that come to us. Wanna know should i. How could i do one where we have people guests on our show that can show you how they did there. And what made this special so you can feel good about starting or even growing yours from that standpoint. So that is an eye on. Dr bernard matthews. I am a productivity in prophets consultant. And what i wanna do is share with you. How you can use podcasting be more productive in your life in your career as well. So i i part of the productive podcast let now. I want to change it. The first part of today's show is to tell you to share this. That's right to tell you to share this to subscribe to make sure that you get this out to everyone. Let them know to pay attention to the productive. Podcast now the second part of the productive podcast there is a segment. I like to call pros and cons pros and cons now. You're probably what is pros and cons back. I'm gonna tell you what pros and cons of pros and cons is a part of the show. I give you a tip on how to be a professional podcasts and make sure you could be a productive podcast or at the same time so i read. An article was asking people people asking rather should they grow their offense organically or should they tap into someone else's audience and my answer is yes because it's going to help you to do better if you can get both types of audiences those the to build on your own of course. Those are your true follower though the your people you want to have them but there's nothing wrong with having someone else's audience likes you too. So for instance productive podcast. We have guests on here all the time and their audience may like we do here. So guess what they wanna follow us. I've been on other people's podcasts. And those those people want to follow me sometimes so it's not unnatural for that to happen so make sure the to do boast. That is the answer to that question. So i'm gonna tell you right now we're going to take a break and we're gonna come back with robertson fees and he's gonna blow your mind am i gonna tell you why bu- you just need to stay tuned. We'll be right

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