Episode 161: Shell Game



Case over a century. Everything about the grave in burqas. Sweden's spoke of war and conflict when they opened it up in eighteen. seventy eight. They found the remains of a tenth century. Viking and along with it a treasure trove of weapons a sword a small axe lances and shields and a fighting knife there was even a cluster of armor piercing eros that were probably just as valuable in life as they were to the researchers who dug them up nine centuries later conjure the best image you can of a viking warrior standing on the battlefield with an arsenal of deadly weapons at their disposal striking fear into the hearts of their enemy and you might be getting closer to the truth except for one thing. That is a secret that those old remains only gave up to modern. Researchers in two thousand seventeen a mighty warrior in the old viking grave was a woman the researchers who publish the findings were quick to point out. Why the mistake had been made decades ago. Many archaeologists made assumptions about gender based on the contents of the grave and that mountain of weapons and other gear associated with battle and war seemed to have lulled the eighteen seventy eight team into assuming the rest of the story and they got it wrong. Life just like viking graves is often full of surprises but one thing is certain warriors have always lived lives of pain and suffering and death every battle had the potential to be their last and when faced with all that risk and fear those warriors found ways to cope often through the stories they shared and yes those stories from the battlefield can be frightening and sometimes even drove people mad but if we want to dig

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