Roku is buying Quibi's TV shows and documentaries

The HT Guys


Into the saturated streaming market may prove to be more risky than lucrative as industry giants. Such as netflix are pouring big money into producing more content. And i didn't understand this. Y roku would do this. A there wasn't really anything in quincy that was That great unless they're gonna get it at fire sale prices. That's only possibility but even at fire sale prices roku isn't a phone platform. Nobody uses roku on their phones. So why would the continent was yeah. It's all gone right right. Yeah yeah it. The whole thing doesn't make any sense at all if rocca really wants to get in and start taking on the big streaming players that are like their bread and butter. That seems a little bit risky. I agree with the risk here. But this is certainly not the content. Roka's kinda wanna go after for that. So i the this to me feels like it's more rumor that it is truth or maybe roku avocado a couple of bucks. We'll pick it up and see what we can do with it This sounds too odd to to be like real. I'm gonna help is you are a roku user so you will let us know all said a bunch of vertical content shows upon the roku.

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