Iran starts 20% uranium enrichment, seizes tanker in strait


You're on has followed through on its warning over the weekend that it would begin enriching uranium up to 20% purity. And NPR's Peter Kenyon, reports said state television is reporting that Iranian forces have seized and arrested the crew of a South Korean flag oil tanker in the Strait of four moves ratcheting up Middle East tensions. Iran initially said the tanker was seized do the oil pollution issues, but the seizure comes as Iran in South Korea were due to begin talks over Iranian assets frozen in Seoul. Separately, Iran confirmed its latest violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement, beginning uranium enrichment up to 20% purity and its underground forego nuclear facility. Iran began violating limits in the nuclear deal, a little more than a year after President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the accord and re imposed sanctions on Iran. The International Atomic Energy Agency said it would inform member states about the developments in Iran's nuclear program. Peter Kenyon. NPR NEWS

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