On EU's doorstep, UN raises alarm for thousands of young migrants sleeping rough

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Whatever. Two and a half thousand migrants and refugees have been forced to sleep rough in bosnia herzegovina for several weeks on the european union's doorstep despite the fact that suitable sheltered accommodation is available in an interview with you and uses daniel johnson. Peter our chief of mission in bosnia for the migration agency describes the of trying to find a quick solution to this urgent problem. You also explains why it's so important at all. Countries abide by their international commitments to helping vulnerable people in line with the global compact for safe or leeann regular migration adopted by majority of u n member states in december two thousand and eighteen years ago has been a transit country for migrants from greece trying to reach other parts of the european union. Since dan rea two thousand eighteen we've had a perennial problem of a lack of accommodation in bosnia herzegovina. Each window reface seamer thought john just but this year to challenge is actually larger because we have two thousand five hundred eight thousand five hundred refugees in bossier to gopinath sleeping in inhuman conditions. The reason for this is the ability of bosnian political system. If you want to decide where accusations should be because ironically or or cynically she won't. We actually do have sufficient spaces in two centers that we could open within twenty four hours but because a political resistance at the local level do locations. Dc's not happy so it's not a matter of the seasons. It's not a matter of money but it is a matter of political decision-making which obviously now he's ready urgent because the winter conditions are getting worse as we speak so you say that there's a problem of administrative procedure and there's also local opposition to housing the migrants. So that's a very difficult position for you to be in but as you say. The immediate problem is is really urgent. Because it's so cold and the camp that to the emergency count the leaper. Emergency tent camp burned down after being closed because it wasn't suitable for migrants didn't have electricity water. So what exactly is the un migration agency managing to do to help these people well. We're certainly pursuing a two track approach if you like the one we have increased our humanitarian assistance to people sleeping outside interest jackets winter. I sleeping bags sold packages we to get our partners. The danish refugee council and requested try to cover everyone while he's somehow reducing human suffering. Eat obesity does not provide an answer to the need for human accommodation while the other part of the work. We're trying to do trying to support the authorities at different levels to come together and to build a consensus as to where these new accusation could be. So these are the two efforts. But you're sort of stuck in as a un agency in the sense that while we have the resources it's not to or any other un agency to decide where my accusations should be that he's really up to the sovereign country in this case. Both here to go now to decide. I can just go to building erica. Dc sanal migrant accusations so. We're very much dependent on the local political process in while you can support while he can bringing ideas while driving people to get at the end of the day. You're dependent on local. Political decisions has the opposition to migration and migrants in bosnia. Been growing is it. I mean we're not talking about tens of thousands of people by any means are we know we're talking about today. In the county i would estimate about eight thousand five hundred. Marcus enrich In the country of three point five million inhabitants. That should not. I mean that he's not a a a large crisis by any stretch of the imagination There are two issues their first modern stint be located in two parts of the country canceling saudi avoid sonic canton and the frustration specifically again. He's as so being left alone in not heavy as sort of a national strategy. Few michael spreading these accusations center south across the country when it comes to the local population licenses. Debtors small minority that. He's very vocal on facebook older social media channels sometimes using a very phobic language my senses however that if you look at the majority of people they may not have wanted bosnia to become a country for transit migration but they do agree that while the migrants should be our country that they should be taken care of properly absolutely an just wondering what it is that the un migration agency needs to happen. Obviously you want to relocate migrants and for the most part they young men on the where are they from well in terms of the solution. The solution is relatively straightforward from humanitarian operational perspective. We need additional accusation in structures that are adequate ford winter. I think that's in terms of the solution where we need to go in terms of the makeup of the mike and refugee population. Here we have about eighty percents single males and twenty percent families with children and unaccompanied children usually boys between sixteen and eighteen for these families and children. We have sufficient activation so we don't have any families children or unaccompanied or separated children sleeping outside. The challenge faces itself with the single males in terms of nationalities. Biggest group Bangladesh of ghanistan north africa in iraq. He's the makeup of the population that we go have here. I'm what do they tell you. These these young men. Why have they come to europe. Well they've gone to europe of course. Individual circumstances differ but most of them have come to europe to look for a life somewhere fleeing conflict in afghanistan but many of them are looking simply to go to placing within the european union. Start working and send money back to their family. That is sort of the story. You almost universally here. And

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