Los Angeles remembers Tommy Lasorda


Mourning the loss of two very iconic figures today with word of the death of Dodger legend Tommy Lasorda and former Los Angeles City Council member Mr Los Angeles Tom LaBonge. We begin our in depth team coverage with the passing of Tommy Lasorda. Among the stories about Lasorda from those who knew him and knew him. Well, the tales from Lasorda himself from Dodger broadcaster Ross Porter, one of my favorites, Itwas Don't tell people your problems. 80% or glad that you have them. 20% don't care speaking there with our own randy cartoon. And then there was the time that the Dodgers lost a tough game and assorted told his beloved wife, Jo, to meet him in the car on seeing his players looking low decided. Decided to have a talk with him. And so he had a team meeting after loss. And he said, you guys have lost confidence in yourself. Even the best team in the history of baseball than 18 27. Yankees. Had losing streak longer than this. So quit giving up on yourself. Go out there and play the best you can play because the car and Joseph well would you say in the speech, so he's older. She says that true. He said. I have no idea truly a shocking day for Dodger fans here in Southern California and across all of baseball who who might have thought that somebody like Tommy Lasorda would live forever bleeding bleeding Dodger Blue, But it's the sports writers. The sportscasters who spent so much time with Tommy Lasorda, who have so many amazing stories to tell that part of our in depth team coverage live now to KNX 10 seventies John Baird. You've seen the video of Tommy Lasorda leaping up after Kirk Gibson's famous home run in the 88 world, Syriza and you've probably heard some audio to of Tommy Lasorda going off. It was Tommy Being Tommy. Bill Shaken is the longtime sports writer for the Times Managers used to be larger than life. They were the focus of the team, and when Tommy was sorta was running the Dodgers And you wanted to talk to him in his office after the game. He was running a catering operation Pasta and all. Bret Lewis was in L a sportscaster and spent more than a decade and KFWB, he says. Tommy was something else. And it's truly so gregarious. Any crowd he walked into, he owned it. Head. Sobel was also a longtime sports reporter, A KNX and KFWB. He knows all the Lasorda stories and the fiery personality, you know, he was volatile, but but a fun guy. Had nobody more passionate and Dodgers history, that's for sure, he says. Lasorda was just a blast Reporting

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