A highlight from 437: Melnyk and the Rebuild; The Time John Muckler Briefly Wanted Gordie Wilson Fired


It's as simple as that and when you stay put the way you just did in terms of having all these players that are at the ready for this hockey club. Now and the eighty eight million dollar contract at san. Jose is saddled with You know it gives pause for thought. That's for sure. Eighty-eight mill everything. Okay is everything okay for you out there. Yeah no kidding. How about the what were some of the other contracts in sports was it. The five hundred million for homes basketball one. St the other day that you and i really like. He's got to be a misprint here. Gordon what we're big contracts gordy thirty years ago when when a all when you wasn't a thirty years ago twenty nine years ago jimmy. The big thing was for players day. Four hundred game mark so their pension could go to two hundred thousand dollars honestly. Don't you remember those days pension. I gotta get four hundred games in because my pension is at a quarter of a million totally remember that. Yeah oh my gosh. And now their premiums. Two hundred fifty thousand war. I was pissed the other day. Stevie who who is the kid from columbus that he do blah so he signs with them for. I don't know five million a year or something like that over two years ten million yet does deal and then so he signs it comes around goes. i just. Don't think during negotiations. I was treated fairly and i want out. I want out. I remember kevin lowe always saying when stuff like that happen. You know players wanted. They had some of them he goes. We kind of thought ten was pretty fair. Kinda thought throwing ten million. You was pretty fair in a season where there's no fans paying money to be a down. Yeah no i know. It's tough to fathom area for eight million. Jesus take a bit of a pay cut. Because it's only fifty six games heels. Seventy two percent of whatever is next week by this year. okay like the player enough to to maybe offer up. If you're the sends a first grounder and this star player like do you like the player enough to make the kind of trade that i see people willing to make on social media over and over again you know i do. Based on what we saw from here in the play in series for columbus he elevated his game to a point where to to a level. That made you luck. And think this guy's twenty two years old for heaven sakes. I'm a big believer in. You're only as good as those around you and I think the senators are at a point right now where he's got some players that could be really good around him. And other words he'd be a real nice fit obviously. He's twenty two now. I think twenty-three-year-old centerman who can play every day and his size and everything else. He's got all the tools in the toolbox. I think there are more tools being added around him. The brady could you know in his third year. Dad off is got all the ability to score. Goals plays with the player like that and so on and so on so drink bathurst and could be a a wonderful player with a player like that. So it Yeah i think he'd be a real nice fit in ottawa and To answer your question. Yeah i would include the potential of first rounder and a package of players to try and get somebody like that for sure right yet.

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