Episode 11 - Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Part 1


Oh grams promoted your sister. Great oh should i tell joe i'll handle it but i said i'll handle it ain't resume lewis ford identity accepted. Please insert your arm to administer dosage fine. We go fishing tests already received those inch. Please remove your arm from the machine. What does not administered. Please insert your arm to administer dosage error. They shouldn't has already received us. Please remove your arm from the machine. Gus turn told gramps we needed to replace this damn thing thirty years ago. How may i help you need to put in a requisition for repayment. Come take this thing. Today it's broken again as of zero eight fifteen you no longer have authorization to make requisitions fine. Can i put in a request for a requisition with joe. Johns did not have authorization for requests. What am i authorized for permission to send harlem. Oj's noor exclamation point exclamation point anti-jackson symbol broken glass skull and crossbones sent a response. Why didn't it just pop up. You don't have hallo fit viewing privileges. Can you just read it to me. Response was fresh amok question. Mark l. abc's blowing raspberries. May i suggest return to your assigned bunk. I just woke up. I need to talk to joe. Third shift is currently in its cycle. Failure to return to the bunt ramp asleep may results. I said i'm fine as long. You know you are looking at this thing all wrong. Great great uncle. Lou morty if you're waiting for your dose the damn machines on the fritz again nath got mine already like i was saying you looking at this wrong. I know i know have tried to convince grandfather that we need a new machine but he just won't budge. Know what i mean. If it's time for grams to take the big trip whether he wants to watch what are you doing. Do you know what could happen. Relax i temporarily disabled law sensors in here you. What quiet man. You want the whole apartment to know disabled law. How's that even possible. There's a lot of things possible when you're willing to go outside the box. What are you saying. It's time for cramps to move on by the farm. Make a little more room for those of us in line slowly. Of course just gotta turn off the fountain of geriatric eternity and let them age. His way into the great beyond. You know it's what you want to happen. If you're being honest. Morty i i need to go. Aren't you sick of living. Like this. mean our top of each other sleeping when he says where he says. Take shit when he says forced to hotspot bunks a damn submarine off. The old man live like a king offer fortune. He's had two centuries to build an all the servings every whim for what we eggs. No just no grabs loves us even after making you wallow with a seventh jen's look it's complicated whatever you did to law put it back the way it was. I'm gonna make sure. Joe joe gets a repairman out here today. See i can't have you do that. I'm not done yet. There were some complications. You chaptered with the kiosk. Are you insane insane as this forever career life for us younger generations. We've known as the on our necks flu. You actually care about us. Grabs cares year. Just it's hard to see sometimes. Look i won't tell anyone about this. Just put it back even now. He'll defend him. I just need another day. And then i'll have it all ironed out nice and clean and the old man goes quietly into the great beyond just like nature intended changes coming.

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