Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor to swear in Kamala Harris as vice president


With president. Elect joe biden's inauguration just four days away. There are no plans for the outgoing president to come face to face with his successor. Vice president mike. Pence will be present at the inauguration and breaking the decades long tradition the outgoing president leaving from the steps of the capitol as the trump's did with former president barack obama and president trump wants an elaborate sendoff sources. Say he's requested a red carpet and military band by the time. President elect joe biden takes the oath of office trump plans to be out of washington and on his way to mar-a-lago despite the threats the inauguration will still take place outdoors in the same location of that deadly riots and we're learning more about how the ceremony will unfold supreme court justice sonia sotomayor your swearing and kamala harris as the nation's first female vice president. She swore invited as vice president in two thousand thirteen.

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