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The AC You other ex surgeon four day forecast with meteorologist Matt bends him still contending with some passing rain showers out there for the morning commute. But that rain will be moving towards east here by mid morning and still watch out for some ponding an area streets and highways, especially since we saw some heavy, heavy rain last night. Otherwise, for the rest of today, mostly cloudy and breezy into this afternoon high of 48 factor in the wind so accurate the real field temp Tres Get feel more like the thirties out there For today. Tonight partly cloudy and brisk, low 35 tomorrow Partly sunny and windy, high 45 degrees. Once again factor in those winds, it will feel colder out there. Real fields will be near 30 degrees for Martin Luther King Day on Monday. Clouds and some sun brisk high 44 for Tuesday, turning apparently Sonny with the high 41. Currently it's up to 42 degrees down Central Park. Northeast Wind at 5 to 15 Miles power Repeating the current temperature is 42 going up to 48 this afternoon in midtown? I mean, they're all this map ends on New York's weather station 10 10 wins wins you, Sam 7 13. We have units operating in the cellar of the World Trade Center and building one power has been lost here in the city con and automatically shut down. We all watch something absolutely inspiring as the U. S. N s Comfort entered New York Harbor when it happens where it happens. 10 10 wins Is there more than five decades as New York's all new station, then now? Always I shall resign the presidency effective at noon tomorrow. Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy Bank of America bought Merrill Lynch. Michael Jackson was a human being, but damn it. He was a king. Banding of anti crime obviously has a huge effect when it happens where it happens. 10 10 wins Is there more than five decades as New York's all news station? Then? No, always I'm 7 14 Sports in one minute. People have got to know whether or not their president's a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I learned everything I've got. Execs borders voted overwhelmingly to extend strike action toe all empty properties immediately, But we need you know, in the community how they want enabled, quick when it happens where it happens. 10 10 wins Is there More than five decades as New York's all news station. Then now always Hi. I'm Tintin when Susan Richard when it's cold outside, you may enjoy luxuriating in a hot bath, but that is not so good for your pets. In fact, bathing them too often can remove essential oils and increase the chance of developing dry, flaky skin. So instead ask your veterinarian to recommend a moisturizing shampoo and rents during the winter get more tips and the scoop on New York's animal rescue scene in my blogged at all for animals TV dot com. It is 41 degrees going up to 48 in midtown. The rain will eventually taper off, and we'll just have a windy and kind of chilly day wins used time. 7 15 from the Wi Fi in Sports Desk debut Rim Kathleen Tonight might be James Harden his debut with the Nets. He's listed as questionable because the multi team trade apparently is still pending,

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