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Crime is compounding the problems in New York City. Yes, you have co Vered. Yes, you have increasing homelessness. Yes, you have people who are concerned about the long term economic viability and you have increasing crime. You are not going to have a strong economy If you don't get the crime issue under control. Governor Cuomo's criticisms of the NYPD is handling of the summer protests didn't even include the hundreds of businesses that were vandalized and looted. But later on Friday, Mayor de Blasio announced a new discipline matrix for the NYPD. A court process doesn't help us speed reform it often in my view, slows it down. We're gonna move forward reforms we are announcing What I think will revolutionize the police disciplinary process. The disciplinary matrix that will make clear exactly what the range of penalties are for any offensive when a police officer does something wrong. Christi collision. WCBS NEWS Radio eight. A city is changing the way the NYPD punishes cops found guilty of misconduct Mayor de Blasio NW N Y C or any offenses committed by a police officer. There's now going to be a mandatory reigned. Of penalty. Under the guidelines, police found guilty of engaging in excessive use of deadly force, intentionally making a false statement of racial profiling will be fired. The state suggests foul play is to blame for thousands of canceled covert vaccine appointments on Long Island. There's frustration on Long Island as stabling went up in 20,000 people signed up for shots hit Stony Brook. Website was no good. Listen to Rosa is Governor Cuomo's top aide. The hypothesis is either it was half or there was someone who leaked the length those people I had to start from scratch. To make matters worse, Cuomo's his this week's supply was cut. We went from $300,000. It's just down to $250,000 Go suggest. So Eligibility opens up the supply actually comes down. There is some good news. There are fewer new cases. You're ahead school W City as news radio 80. There are calls for an easier way to sign up for covert shots in New York City, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer says the city needs a vaccine czar to oversee a complicated and frustrating online vaccine appointment system. I called The city call center. I'm not sure the middle of the night and it says we're no longer taking any calls. That is not how to do technology and there are people in government without mentioning any names. Who would have liked to have input into how this was set up. Brewer says there needs to be a unified registration system with 311 integration. And the city should use taxis ubers and lifts to deliver seniors to vaccine appointments, she says she's been inundated with calls for help by a poor staff is just me, too. We're just so it's just endless it. We thought it was hard with the testing, but this is really worse. Marla Diamond, double new CBS news radio 8 80.

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