Albon Replaced by Perez in Red Bull's 2021 Line-Up


First topic for discussion today. Something actually we chat about quite regularly last year. But i haven't had the chance to go in depth on the costs over the christmas and new year break. I'm not reports driver lineup. Now of course we now know that. Sergio perez has been signed to partner. Max for slapping while. Alex album is team last year. And so the second half of two thousand nine hundred has been made. The team's reserve driver album also compete in the revamped. Dm category in twenty. Twenty ways efan commitments. Allow this and we understand. He'll be driving a ferrari. Four eight eight. Gt three alongside rebel genius liam northern. How big a hit. The think being mighty back to reserve driver an out formula one in terms of racing for at least a you know a whole calendar year. How do you think that how big hit that. he's f f one ambitions. yes he can. I think that it is so different when we saw by pierre gasoline daniel via meet similar fight when they were sent back to toro rosso and that them released the chance kind of rebuild that career and keep racing in athlon keeps it of all not rada christine made clear a few weeks folded station and the end of the season. That if alvin didn't get a rebel safe next year he will be our. Beth won't completely on on the sidelines. Although the team has said he's gonna be undertaken an extensive testing and development program with a view to twenty twenty. Eight doesn't really give much of a chance to actually sort of show. Boy he can do in really strike back and before about something the by them caveat when he made his his second comeback with taurasi s scoring podium nine and of cpi guiseley to an enormous two great right away three twenty twenty that were both able to rebuild and get these big results. The made everyone go. Oh well they're still decent. They're still performing and day. She for the albany. He doesn't really have the opportunity and going into a very sort of new. Dtm series with the gt three rules that they're updating ultimately not raced in ten tops. Ever i don't think so. I think that's going to be a big change for him and yeah i think it's just a it's it is a real big sat back and i think the full red bull i think just got say i don't really see what he goes from hits bonus nothing gets allows useful. Okay he's going to be playing such a big role in that too much to development. I think unless peres absolutely stinking year in that say realistically red bull going to be looking out. But if someone's come back with twenty twenty because are they need. Wii the perez goes beyond the initial one year contract. He signed or they'll look further into janea program if he's not has an amazing first year without tariff some let your e bits really stand out. I don't know me album just seems in this way. It's sort of purgatory state right now. I don't know where he's actually gonna

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