Andy Reid, Nick Chubb And Karim Hunt discussed on Open Road Radio


And they're a double digit favorite. I know how good Andy Reid has been coming off of arrest. And I know the idea that's out there that the Chiefs were just going to flip a switch, but I like Nick Chubb. Like Karim Hunt. I like this. This Brown's team playing with no pressure to go on the road and perform well, I am taking the Browns plus 10. But I'm also taking the over 57. I think that they're gonna be a lot of points scored would not surprise me of both teams here. Go for 30. I think the chief's win. I just think tennis too steep. Yeah, I'm really torn on the side. But I definitely agree with the over here because Kansas City off Abi, with Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid as a combination. They score well over 30 points a game, So I think Kansas City's got that side covered, and I think Cleveland And run the ball against Kansas City. So I think 10 is probably about right. Maybe a little high, but I definitely like the over the best on this one. All right. And then the final game Sunday box on the road at the Saints. I love the bucks, plus three and I also like the over 52. I think the bucks are going to dictate pace here. I like them being on indoors in the dome. It's been a long time since they played in this dome. Remember Week one of the season. I know the saints have had the Bucks number I even know That historically, the third time is generally not the charm. The team that won the first two typically wins the third, but I like the way this bucks offenses playing. I like the idea of Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin. And certainly Mike Evans, Rob Gronkowski, Cameron break Brady is playing

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