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Welcome to murder minute on. Today's episode the middletown murder. But i your true crime headlines. Ufc fighter rivera has been charged with two counts of premeditated murder after allegedly stabbing his two sisters thirty one year. Old irwin rivera was arrested in palm beach county. On thursday rivera was booked into the county's main detention center. Shortly afternoon it is being charged with two counts of premeditated murder in the first degree. According to a probable cause affidavit police were called to an apartment in boynton beach. Where they i discovered rivera's twenty two year old sister near the road. She had been stabbed. Multiple times and suffered two collapsed. Lungs inside the apartment officers found rivera's thirty three year old sister. She had also been stabbed multiple times. The sisters allegedly told police that they were staying in their brothers spare room and awoke to find him stabbing them. Rivera allegedly ran from the scene before police arrived but was later arrested. Two neighbors reportedly provided sworn statements. That one sister banged on their door while pleading quote. He's trying to kill me. Please help my sister. Police said that the fighter told them that he killed his sisters because a higher power told him to the women were taken to a local hospital one in stable and the other in critical condition. Their current condition is not clear in a statement to m a fighting dot com. The ufc said that the organization is quote aware of the recent incident involving irwin rivera and subsequently received information from his management that he has been exhibiting behavior consistent with mental health. Issues be said that the allegations are quote extremely troubling and the organization is currently gathering additional information investigation is ongoing and any potential next steps including disciplinary action or medical attention will be determined upon the conclusion. Furthermore ufc informed rivera's management that he will not be offered about at this time nashville. Police are hunting for a second suspect. In the december twenty twenty shooting of a nurse who was shot and killed while driving to work at around six pm on december third twenty twenty twenty six year old caitlyn. Kaufman was heading to her seven. Pm shift at saint thomas west hospital where she helped treat covid nineteen patients when at least six shots were fired at her. Suv one of the bullets hit her in the left shoulder and killed her within fifteen seconds. The medical examiner said at about nine pm that night. An officer found her body inside her. Suv which was stopped on the right shoulder of the i. Four forty west. Between the west end avenue and hillsboro pike exits the vehicle was still running and was riddled with bullets on december eleventh. A swat unit with the metro. Nashville police arrested twenty one year. Old devante lewis hill who was charged with criminal homicide in connection with kaufman's death. Police are now searching for a second suspect. Twenty eight year old james. Edward cohen cohen is alleged to have been with hill when the shots were fired from their vehicle into kaufman's car. Police have issued a warrant for cohen's arrest charging him with criminal homicide. The united states bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms and explosives is offering a reward of up to five thousand dollars for information leading to cohen's arrest nashville crime. Stoppers is offering an additional reward of up to one thousand dollars. The suspect in an attempted murder of police officer has escaped from his holding cell. Twenty four year old. David dahlin escaped from the portland. Police bureau central precinct on saturday. After a cleaning crew left the door to his holding cell unlocked dahlan had been arrested that same day on a charge of attempted murder of a police officer. Police said that he was driving a stolen chevrolet pickup truck on christmas eve when he struck officer jennifer pierce of the portland. Police bureau and fled. Pierce fired her weapon at the vehicle. After being struck a second time she suffered a fractured pelvis. Dahlan was arrested on january second placed in a holding cell at the portland police bureau's central precinct as detectives prepared to interview him to cleaning crew members responsible for disinfecting rooms because of covid nineteen were cleaning the detective division when one of them entered the holding cell. The worker then closed the door after seeing. Mr dahlan was inside. Police said in a press release quote. Preliminary investigations leave investigators to believe that the door did not fully latch after it was closed sometime time. After the cleaning crew members left investigators believe dahlin pushed the from the inside found it to be insecure for and got out. Investigators believed that he then found a stairwell that was unlocked for fire safety reasons and left through the door. A manhunt is now underway. Police said that there are warrants for his arrest for attempted murder in the first degree assault in the first degree assaulting a public safety officer unauthorized. Use of motor vehicle and escape in the second degree those your true crime headlines up next the middletown murder but first a quick break every year brings new hopes for the future and one of my new year's resolutions. This year is to support businesses. That support meaningful causes so this year. I want to tell you about one. Hope wine one. Hope is a napa valley. Winery built on hope and rooted in purpose. 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