Centers For Disease Control And Prevention, Sabrina Cubit And Johns Hopkins University discussed on The Mark Arum Show


WSB global death toll from the Corona viruses top two million people. As of today, that is for the numbers from Johns Hopkins University. The US leads the world with nearly 390,000 confirmed deaths calls today for increased masking and social distancing to help them or help limit the more contagious UK variants of the Corona virus. The UK covert 19 strain is likely to become the dominant strain in the United States by March, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This new strain is already infected. People in a dozen states, including Georgia, or hospitals are already overwhelmed. At the WSB health reporter Sabrina Cubit vice president. Pence has called Vice President elect Kamila Harris to offer his congratulations and assistance with her transition into office. The call is the first contact between elected officials from the outgoing And incoming administration's president. Trump is expected back in Florida on the same day that he becomes the former president expecting to leave Washington early in the morning, several hours before Biden is sworn in as president. Terrible events calendar this weekend as we mark what would have been Martin Luther King Junior's 93rd birthday. There are a host of events taking place this weekend.

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