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Which is that because of the New Biden administration, and because the vice president is a Californian, you're likely going to see a proposal out of Congress to rescue a lot of these states that have Significant financial difficulties. You think of Illinois, where they have enormous unfunded pension liabilities for their unions on California, where the budget is okay right now, but is always just a few steps away from From a precipice because of its over reliance on high wealth earners in the huge income taxes that come out of California, so wouldn't shock me to see a multi trillion dollar state bailout. Develop out of Congress on Of course, it'll turn into a Christmas tree because to get the votes of the more moderate members, like Joe Manchin, out of West Virginia than West Virginia is gonna have to have its cut of the action, too. Now not exactly great for long term economic prospects for the whole country, but it might stave off the day of reckoning for the state of California. So the check DeVore investment advice today is by California state bonds. Hey, eyes there a way that I could buy short, Uh Barbara, California Assemblyman and current vice president of National Initiatives with the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Check before you could follow him on Twitter at check. Divorce. Thanks so much for stopping by Always a pleasure. Thank you.

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