If that were Kayleigh mcenany that dude from Playboy what happens


Okay? So if climate change is the biggest health problem health challenge of our time, can we Get restaurant still 100% capacity? No, no, we start that. Can we start making her own decisions? Whether or not we want to go to a bar at two o'clock in the morning or not? Or is the government still gonna tell us now? Can you imagine if somebody from the Trump administration had came out and said so, like other than coronavirus? Kidding is the greatest health challenges such a great point. Yeah, but nobody from the Trump Administration would say anything about climate change. I know it's that that statement right there shows you the complete incompetence of this administration. The biggest health challenge of our time is climate change, and none of the reporters in that room pushed back on that if that were Kayleigh mcenany that dude from Playboy what happens head spinning around like Beetlejuice in the back of the room, and Jim Acosta would be standing up shooting guns like Yosemite Sam. Mr to burn in, uh, the Biden administration, considering mandatory covert 19 tests for all domestic airline passengers, not talking about international here. This is just hearsay. At this point, Nothing's finalized. But big Nige Covert 19 tests could be required if you want to fly down to Florida. No screw. You know, I'm not having somebody in an airport they could barely handle my luggage. Then I'm gonna stick a swab up my eight year old's nose. Know that zit dumb that a deal breaker will that make you not want to fly? Yeah, well, this have the adverse effect on the airline industry. Yes, it would. I mean, don't talk about me. The airline industry struggling as it is not gonna make people stand in line and

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