Wall Street analysts on what to expect from Apple earnings

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The pre earnings financial analyst frenzy continues even analysts. That aren't that sold on apple shares long-term or all about anticipated december quarter numbers among them. Ubs analyst david vote apple insider had him issuing note monday wherein he raised his revenue and earnings per share expectations for the first quarter of fiscal year. Twenty twenty one. He had been looking for revenue of ninety eight point nine billion dollars on earnings per share of a buck thirty five. He is now looking revenue of one hundred six point nine billion dollars on earnings per share of one forty five. What's not to like would seem to be question. He thinks apple ship more iphones than he expected. He thinks the phones they sold had a higher average selling price than expected. He thinks max did better than the same quarter a year earlier and he is really just not into apple. Shares these got a hold rating on apple. Shares is a matter of fact and our price target of one hundred fifteen dollars other firms see apple beating expectations and they are in the apple. Shares take j. P. morgan melissa. Chatterjee please apple through reynaud from chapman to clients in it. He has the cupertino company back with another one of those buster beats when it comes to revenue expectations his appears to be the highest. He is looking for december revenue of one hundred ten billion dollars on earnings of one dollar and fifty six cents.

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