Prof. Mark Schroeder, Professor of philosophy at the University of Southern California - burst 02


My the purpose of mark. Who's professional philosophy at the university of southern california. He's interested in the race reason. Be trash nalty reasons. Value and other evaluative normative categories are related to the monte physical world in which we live investing around grad or left of one another kamarck. It's great to be here. Thanks you want to start with one of your recipes. Persons s stings. You say the biologic of teachers thinks of blood whose behaviors by the same principles that govern the behavior of any other social mammals plus of migrants complications that come from the kersee possibilities of access to natural language. That much fact. I have one you mark. I had no philosophy board in my body and to the interesting to make matters worse. I'm in the business of making people less relevant in essence replacing people with machines. And so in. That context will be an interesting thing to think about so supposed to be have a machine that replaces person person would would think think that that machine machine is is in. in. The The machine machine is is thing thing than than person person is is also also updating. updating. There's a sense in which that's true. Also the christmas north at things then has to argue that the machine is not the either right and so if the machine has fully replaced the person yeah believe place a person so so what are the implications of the essay. Push incest yes. So it's one of the central questions of philosophy how we fit our lived experience it into the world as revealed to aspire science inexperience. And there's something about being the business of replacing persons by machines that can make us all wonder. Can i really be replaced by a machine. It's one thing to know that everything that you do is the results of lots of smaller and easier to understand processes that can be built up another thing to look at the machine that's replaced you and feel as important as it used to feel before that machine came along replacing right so The i've got into this topic. Not because my philosophical research was originally about the relationship between person things but rather because my wife. And i were living in santa barbara which is about one hundred miles away from the risk of southern california where i teach and she was doing her surgical residency working about eighty one hundred hours every week and we started expecting our first child and we sat out in the evening. We yourselves how. How are we going to raise a child whose mother is working a hundred hours a week. And whose father is communion hundred miles each way to and from work and my mother-in-law came through and she moved in with us for a year to take care of her daughter caroline and so i spent a year living with her with my in laws. And so ever. Since then i've been thinking a little bit about interpersonal conflict because of that experience and so what happen is i read a very important philosophy paper by

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