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You're listening to inside of you. Michael rosenbaum ryan is sitting down. It feels more authentic way. Doesn't it oh it does. It's just natural. It's like ryan's in his natural habitat when we catch him sitting down. We don't want to be to clean here too. Perfect is impossible for us to be perfect or at least for me to be perfect and you cut me not being perfect. So there we go. Hey folks If you're tuned in because you're excited about mandalorian katie sack off. Thank you from. The bottom of my heart sincerely may not sound sincere. But i'm very sincere but please Subscribe and stick around for other guests. you know i noticed we get a huge jump on certain guests and then some people decide to leave but i eat hope that they liked the interview. Not that they go. Hey i'll give this guy a chance. That's what the goal is. The hope i'm hoping for that so anybody. Who's a katy sacco. Fan including me. Colluding ryan will stick around and subscribe and where The can they subscribe on youtube youtube. Dot com slash inside of you with michael. Rosenbaum is the one inside of you with with michael rosenbaum. That's you what what what. What is it again. The beginning he dot com youtube dot com slash inside inside of microsoft and then on You can subscribe on apple and please leave review. It helps the algorithm and all that stuff. I'm not going to dwell on it. But if you could just do that and takes ten seconds to review if you like the show What are the handles here on. Social inside of you pod on twitter at podcast on instagram and facebook. That's right and the new band son. Spin is out or album's coming out and we're very excited just played a few songs for you and you were surprised a couple. Yeah i mean. I've heard them at all stages and so it's always nice to hear the full product mastered version and Yeah that was a big fan of your friend. blake lewis. Yeah in

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