Quinn Martin (MM #3594)


The with kevin mason. If you're an adult of a certain age you hear the name quinn martin and you think of one thing cop shows on tv or usually private investigator shows on tv. I know it started with like the fbi. With ephram zimbalist junior back in the sixties in the seventies it was frank cannon it was barnaby jones and those shows ran for a bunch of years and times are much simpler while those private eyes were all around man l. a. was tough town back in the day frank cannon worked in la barnaby jones worked in la. Lots of private is lots of cop shows on tv and for quinn. Martin was one of the kings of those shows and of course he passed away in the nineteen eighties. So we don't have anymore quinn martin productions anymore but they were unique in how they were presented and he had some big successes like cannon barnaby jones and the fbi. But also a bunch of mrs including one with burt reynolds. That i'd heard about but don't remember watching back in the nineteen sixties. It's kind of funny. How a name just kind of jogs a memory and jobs at time. And let's memories again. There are always so good. I gotta admit i can get lost in the barnaby jones or a cannon every now and again.

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