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Fox News. I'm Roger Stern. Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu says he will introduce articles of impeachment Monday, which accused the president of inciting an insurrection at the Capitol. It demands his removal from office, and it's supported by at least 100 and 80 fellow Democrats, including many of Alaska Ways of New York. We are going to act next week. We are going to impeach on. We're going to show the world that America is stronger than Donald Trump. A tragedy in Indonesia a Boeing 7 37 lost contact with controllers four minutes after take off. Everything appeared to be going normal. When the plane vanished. Fishermen were amongst the first to spot the wreckage in the water just north of Jakarta. Fox is Ryan Chilcote. There were 62 people on the flight. America is listening to Fox News. This is Dr Mystery your host for the armor. Men's health our every Saturday from 3 to 4 PM right here on K LBJ News Radio. If two decades of treating men for their medical conditions has taught me anything is that a lot of men are looking for quick fixes

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