2nd COVID field hospital in Massachusetts to open at UMass Lowell on Monday amid coronavirus surge


Holiday search. Another field hospital ready to go here in Massachusetts, the rec center AU Muscles East campus. Is normally a spot for pickup basketball games. But right now it's full of hospital beds and medical equipment. Dudley Abby is the VP of hospitality and support services for Circle health. He had a bit of experience setting up a field hospital here back in the spring. We did create the pods in such a way that just more privacy this time we have curtains that they can end up closing in between. Right now. There's enough staff for 14 of the 54 beds that are currently set up, although they can surge to 77 in total, if necessary. Whatever the need may be, W and his team are ready. You put your heart and soul into taking care of patients, and you're called upon in a pandemic to do it. I mean, that's why you signed up in the first place that she were WBZ. Boston's news radio

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