US Equities Poised To Close Out 2020 Sharply Higher


Amid a coronavirus pandemic that ended daily life around the world. Us equities are poised to close out the year sharply higher as of market close on thursday. The s&p five hundred was on track to post a fourteen point. Six percent return in two thousand twenty after two thousand nineteen nearly twenty nine percent rise. The dow was set to post a rise of five point eight percent for two thousand twenty. The nasdaq composite was the biggest winner of the three major indices this year and headed toward a forty two point seven percent return for two thousand and twenty as of thursday's close the big tech and software names that comprised the stay at home trade led the broader market higher for much of the year and in the s. and p. five hundred the information technology sector and amazon heavy consumer discretionary sector strongly outperformed however broader from shares of energy financial and travel and leisure stocks hardest hit earlier on during the pandemic picked up. Once news of an effective vaccine emerged last month. I'm

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