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Support for this. Podcast comes from state farm. It's no surprise. That state farm is there to help you protect your home or car but you may be shocked to hear that state farm offers surprisingly great rates. Yeah that means you get a dedicated state farm agent and access to their award winning app all at a surprisingly great rate. So if you're hearing my voice right now state farm probably has a surprisingly great rate for you when you want the real deal like a good neighbor state farm. Is there. welcome to murder minute on. Today's episode the rack man. But i your true crime headlines. A father in wisconsin was arrested last week in the death of his three month. Old baby authorities said that on january ninth. The infants parents brought the child to aspirin walsall hospital. Because of the extent of the child's injuries and their age the baby was transferred to marshfield children's hospital for specialized care a criminal investigation was launched because of the unexplained life threatening brain injury. The infant died of his injuries on january fourteenth. The baby's father thirty nine year old. Ronnie lofton junior was arrested. The following day walsall police are recommending of first degree. Reckless homicide charge against lofton. A probable cause hearing is expected to take place this week. The investigation is ongoing and said that additional charges may result. The death of an elderly brooklyn woman found on the floor of her apartment. Last friday with a phone cord around her neck has been ruled. A homicide seventy eight year old juanita. Kobe gyro was found by her adult son at about five pm last friday after he arrived for a visit at her home in the woodson houses on powell street near dumont avenue kaba. Gyro son told police that when he arrived he found the front door locked and then saw his mother lying in her apartment hallway. He then attempted to perform cpr but could not revive her. The medical examiner determined that the women's cause of death was s. Fix you police said that there were no signs of forced entry into the apartment and nothing appeared to have been stolen kaba euros. Death is the third murder in the building in the past. Six years to other seniors were murdered in their apartments in twenty fifteen and in twenty nineteen. The first killing in november of twenty fifteen was eighty two year. Old myrtle mckinney. Who was found dead on her kitchen floor by police initially treated as a death by natural causes. The case was later ruled a homicide. An undertaker noticed a knife wound on the back of her neck. She suffered three broken. Ribs residents have said that they have repeatedly called for better security linda. James whose mother jakaya. James was fatally assaulted in twenty nineteen said quote. The lack of security leaves our seniors as sheep circled by wolves. It says they don't matter. It breaks families apart and leaves holes. That cannot be filled so far. Neither of the previous cases have been solved. A woman in missouri was found dead monday in a parked car with an unharmed infant alongside. Her police responded to a call about a sudden death at about seven thirty. Am and found a thirty year. Old woman suffering from a gunshot wound in a car at spanish lake in saint louis county. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said that the woman's eight month old baby girl did not appear to be injured was taken to a hospital for examination. Witnesses said that they saw what looked like a bullet hole in the vehicles. Driver's side window. 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