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Snow, showers and squalls possible this morning could cause reduced visibility or icy roads. The final hours of the Trump presidency. Joe Biden takes the oath of office at noon today were deeply divided nation it means vastly different things. Frustration mounts over a lack of covert vaccine for those who both want and need it. Details of our top stories coming up in the minutes ahead. We begin this morning with first weather in our chief meteorologist, Dan zero. So Daniel even see some snow this morning. In fact, we already are in North Jersey, north of Interstate 78 radar is picking up on what I call light to moderate snow. At this point, there's another band that's already moving through first. Southern New Jersey Salem, Cumberland in Cape May. County's radar is showing mostly rain, but temperatures are pretty close to the freezing mark there. So there probably are some snowflakes mixed in the big concern here this morning, and things were going to be brief. But if we get a band of heavier snow, we call that a snow squall that could cause a sudden reduction, invisibility, slick road conditions, even a coating of accumulation on the ground. So It's the first time in a while the way we get to talk about snowflakes here, and it could cause you some headaches during the morning commute, certainly feeling more wintry today to it's going to be cold and blustery. With windows to 30 Miles an hour are high temperatures today only 35 to 40 degrees. We should break into sunshine by this afternoon, mostly clearing cold Tonight we bought him out around 20 tomorrow. Mostly sunny, dry and not as cold highs. 42 45 Right now. Newton is 30 Cherry Hill, 36. Elizabeth 36 70 Jersey's first news 502. It is Inauguration Day At noon time, Joe Biden will take the oath of office, he'll become the 46, president of the United States. We'll have full coverage throughout the day on air and online and NJ 115 dot com But first this hour, the latest on the pandemic in New Jersey many of you've been complaining. Even though

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