The bone. And now another bone traffic update brought to you by zeros of Tampa Bay.


Update brought to you by zeros of Tampa Bay. Traffic is slow on South found I to 75 just before us 19 due to a crash, blocking the left lane on the exit ramp to 54th Avenue North and FHP reporting a disabled vehicle is blocking the right lane on south bound. I 75 just before County Road six. Give yourself an extra 10 minutes to get around that this traffic report brought to you by zero red carpet and tile cleaning right now get 20% off all carpet and tile cleaning. Visit zero rest Tampa bay dot com. I'm Erica with your traffic update on one of 25 the bone. Hi, guys. It's Andrew. If you're struggling with erectile dysfunction, there is now a breakthrough treatment that the drug companies don't want you to know about. South Bay Medical Clinic uses the most advanced form of acoustic wave therapy clinically shown to open up and regrow blood vessels. We can now reverse erectile dysfunction without any pills.

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