Israel's incredible Covid vaccine rollout story


Collier who is obviously very prominent pro. Israel researcher and journalist. He tried to navigate through some of the reasons why israel has been so successful so fast and he says it's never going to be a single cause about why israel has responded so incredibly he says of course. Israel was an enormous high price on life. No soldier is left behind. And then he talks about the coup pat holum system and that is not one central player in the vaccination like the over here but several like cl- elite mcabe may hit it. This is the sort of multiple. Nhs scenario that we have in israel and it means that several brains in each community organized separately to deal with her impatience obviously science and technology great economic driver for the economy and the id system. There's no real bother about anonymity. It's not a big thing in israel. People know pretty much. Everyone is in many of the systems are integrated and of course a militarized system to handle mass events community like kibbutzim and small towns cities on the west bank as well. Everyone knows must've been the the half keyboards how farm communities which are becoming sort of districts and towns of of major cities and they respond well to hostile acts. This is a. This is kind of a security issue where the threat isn't from from bombs or rockets. It's a threat from house which is a similar threat. Yes i mean. There's much more to say on that as well. I mean you'll right in the the emergency response in israel is sadly perhaps very well refined become very well. Refunding has had to become very refined over the years. And we see that mentality driving. Israel's attempts to quash the virus and to get the vaccination writes all the way through one anecdote which struck me was that in one vaccination center recently. They run out of time so the vaccines enter had to close and they still had those of the vaccine left which had to be used that evening or so. Nurses went out into the streets and grabbed a piece of delivery guy and gave him a shot. I mean that sort of can do spirit has been viable. But i think there are other elements like practical elements as well the contributed towards success so for example early planning israel paid reportedly over the odds by some degree to gets these first vaccines in. Benjamin netanyahu himself developed a personal relationship with the bosses pfizer and promised to give pfizer israeli data about the vaccine use in response to getting these these first doses and of course there's always in a position to give them that data because it's got one of the best digitalized health system in the world which allows for that data to be harvested and then to be used in further research but there are other innovations well so for instance israeli scientists found a way of getting more doses out of each vial vaccine than had initially been intended therefore stretching it further and in addition when the vaccines arrived on these huge pallets in bangor in airport rather than take them out like that. The israeli logistics experts decided to find a way of abortion them in small books style. Size insulated boxes they could remain at seventy but be taken out by most bikes or whatever and post out into small centers throughout the country in the community so the people didn't have to travel too far sickly during lockdown things like that all of these small but vital innovations have contributed towards this message. Success all the way from the initial negotiations and securing those vaccines all the way down to the grassroots rollouts and everything in between it's been just a magnificent display of guinness with with the nostril national spirit. I was indeed a very privileged to speak to around leads. The head of research it collegiate. Who runs through the extraordinary artificial intelligence and data which israel has what they've mapped millions and millions of people in the israeli gene pool and of israel's gene pool extends to two hundred nations around the world it's an extraordinary level of data which they can then feed to monsieur buller adviser which is which is an incredible gift to be able to give enrich. We are very fortunate to be standing on. The shoulders of giants are people at the nineties. In israel where smart enough to create an electronic medical records and make them ubiquitous over the system so since mid ninety s collegiate we have had electronic medical records in all of physicians offices on so in every hospital ward and so does abundance of data of massive amounts being collected in harnessed for the use of our patients. This puts israel ahead of the curve in terms of planning and alleviating major medical problems which afflict the whole world. I think that is proving to be true. Because we put into practice into scale concepts that in other places are considered the theoretical and so we have at khalid been practicing predictive modeling in practice for over a decade now so tens and hundreds of thousands of people receiving care based on personalization and predictive models in massive scales for a decade. So i i do think that the availability of data the availability of the will to change and transform the system as well as the innovative spirit of the local eco-system within the health sector and from the outside all communist together to create a very interesting setting for innovation in practice. And this is four million people. Isn't it so you can help kill the world with all the different afflictions the different health issues that you see amongst those millions of people and they have arrived into israel from all four corners of the world so in a sense every population around the world can benefit from the data. You find the differences between people. We are now moving into an innovation driven strategy where we will try more. And more to take the insights that we've gained and take them out to the world in various ways in creating spinoffs and startups within khalid and also by allowing startups organizations from around the world to test. Drive their new ideas. Collegiate so we can actually prove whether or not they making a difference.

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