Looking back: Tottenham Hotspur vs Liverpool, 1995



Fa cup like little bit sparkle so far. So we thought we'd take you back to one. Thousand nine hundred tottenham against liverpool anfield jurgen klinsmann score in the winter to see spurs book. A place in the semifinal yorgen and robbo back with me. What was striking when you take a look at the goal is the celebration in the complete ecstasy from those on the bench for the spurs fans in attendance. It kind of brings you back to more of a day where you feel the. Fa cup was was more. Relevant was a bit extreme. I think you know. Obviously if the fans in the stands it's a whole different game and all suffering covid at the moment but but I i mean the experience. I had In those years in in england definitely river meaningful in terms of the fa cup Is a religion fully english. People is is is so important. Sometimes i mean. At least a tottenham my days it was almost more important than championship and And then when it happens maybe by accident that you win you know a quarterfinal game at liverpool. And they haven't won for many years and enfield road then then things are going bit out of control but you can just. You can just see how much it means to you to the fans to your your teammates as well it was going to be when goals spurs and when you're looking back not only. It was a very special moment that you obviously won the game identity. But but i never will forget that at that situation at that moment was just the way. The liberal ville faints basically on so we went to our corner. A lot of tottenham fans were and we we think them and applauded them. And and i will never forget. I turned around and i thought okay. The rest of the stadium is probably gone by because out there for ten minutes or something but they weren't there at the stadium was still packed and then we turned around and walked towards locker room and the whole stadium stood up and gave us standing ovations to liverpool. Fans did that. And that's what kind of i never experienced anything like that before. My career never ever afterwards because It shows you the understanding of the english fans when an away team is that given day a little better and then comes away with a win and they they all know al performance and there was something very unique in my my time when you speak to anyone who's played of that generation genuinely they say it was on a par with championship. Is that fair. It was it was above the championship. I'll give an example. If we played mentioned united home at highbury in a league match. You'd get thirty. Five thousand in the faa get sixty thousand and My biggest memory is an biggest atmosphere. That i played in was an fa cup semifinal against mentioned united played at villa park there was sixty thousand there and when we arrived to the ground to hop us one went out onto the pitch. At two o'clock the ground was full. The atmosphere was unbelievable. It was it was. It was meant to be a tough game. Pitches weren't particularly good. It was played on a bumpy pitch but the atmosphere was incredible. It was it was really what everybody wanted to win. And we could. We get to the fun on fortunate. We lost the game two one but it was It was always sticks in my memory will be the atmosphere both hostile and in terms of the just the noise that came out the ground.

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