The Most Reliable Used Cars


So i've had an obsession forever about why buying a used vehicle is so much better for your wallet than buying new. There are a lot of people who love new vehicle smell. They want that new vehicle and if it works for you financially. That's fine but for most people buying used is gonna be a much better choice but there are people like a vehicle that feels new. And that's why to me. The compromise has been historically a three model year old vehicle. So right now it'd would be twenty eighteen because the twenty one or what out on dealer lots now so when you buy a vehicle. That's three years old. As a general back of the envelope rule it will have lost roughly a third of its value some models substantially more than that others a little less but generally about a third of the value has been wiped out in those first three years even though the life of the vehicle is so today with vehicles running quarter million miles Not at all unusual. That's like normal now where it used to be hundred thousand miles pretty much. The expected reliable life span of a vehicle but vehicles vary a lot and quality and consumer reports has put out a recommended list of bike category. The most reliable vehicles you can buy depending on size. And i want to start with the most popular part of the vehicle market and these are the most reliable three-year-old suv's based on consumer reports deep dive research and again. These are all twenty eight teens. The honda cr v. honda hr v. The hyundai kona alexis annex the mazda. Five and the toyota highlander. So if you're interested in an suv. Those particular ones are the most reliable. Now when we talk about Cars mid size and large cars the most reliable eighteens the mazda six toyota avalon toyota. Camry accurate t. Lx and infiniti q fifty so people don't buy a lot of cars anymore they specially don't buy small cars. But i'll tell you the ones that are the most reliable small cars the chevy bolt. The honda fit the mazda three the toyota corolla and the toyota prius and the toyota prius c in addition the toyota prius prime. Could there be enough. Prius is on there and the volkswagen beetle so The only american owned company that made the list was chevy bolt but most of these other vehicles are actually manufactured in north america. Even if they're owned by quote unquote foreign automakers that a vehicle. That's very reliable. Starting you're looking at a vehicle that's very reliable is key but not enough. You want to do to other things you want to check the van to see if the vehicle has been in any major accident and it's time of ownership that the van research would show and then the other thing is a condition to purchase. You want to have that vehicle. Checked out by a mechanic of your choosing. I have a more thorough guide to how to pick a used vehicle and what steps you should go through on a used vehicle buying guide at clark dot com.

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