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Hello friends welcome back to the show. This is the g. rpg. Report episode one hundred and forty five little bit weird this week and we knew it was going to be with christmas eve falling on our normal release date and of course christmas the next day and there must situation My little girl's birthday being the day after christmas so yeah we get a bang bang. Bang three a craziness there. Obviously just mitt that there was really no time to reporter Record a podcast. Even before christmas was just too hectic so We're recording this on saturday. The twenty seventh just a couple days left in twenty twenty. Goodbye rents But we've got a lot of cool things to talk about today. I kinda wanna wrap up all the stuff that we've missed as it's been nine days since our last pockets. No i'm sorry that's not even right. That is fuzzy. Math is been eleven days since our last podcast. So we've got a few things to go over That have popped off. Since then. And i wanna kinda look look forward to sometime this week. Mean jordan are going to get together and kind of talk about What games we really loud from. Twenty twenty maybe even discussed some Game of the year options and then look forward to twenty twenty one as Right off the bat. We got a bunch of games coming out in the beginning of the first the new year. We got to tell you rods two. You've got bravely default to you've got he's nine And the newly Confirmed for some of five strikers. Just a name The the big big ones I'm sure there'll be others. That will be unfortunately lost in the in the way. So we're going to record that sometime this week and In lieu of any news breaking. I may just make that part of the normal podcast unsure on that. But let's get into it. I hope you guys had a wonderful christmas holiday I didn't have any games that i particularly wanted that. We're already out. So i just kind of asked Asked the parents for Email confirmation that beginning Today risa to when it comes out on january twenty six that was cool and i did end up much too. Many of your delight. Hopefully i'm finally going to take a dive into these series. I picked up. Yee's eight for only twenty dollars on the ps story. I could not refuse as the physical version just refuses to ever go down in price so i figured this was by far the best opportunity. Get in on. What many consider to be a very very good. Jr pg and at some point. I'll be playing. It don't really know when that's going to be but that's enough rambling We did have fell. Calm day Twenty twenty winter addition and we got a few tidbits of information about the new legend of heroes. Toddle kiro no koseki if you notice the thumbnail for this Podcast are the two newest main characters is a third as well but these They dig use some high-rise resolution images of the to unsure why the third one was kind of like ashaari pow We'll get you later but still no names for these two characters but we do have a bit of information stuff. You see that image. There's a couple other on our facebook and twitter feed of those two characters while they are. I say have that trails feel to them. I do kind of agree with what president condo said last time that at mediate Glance they don't appear to be trails characters. And i believe that lies in the fact that they are from calvert So they're going to look a little bit different and we'll talk about that in just a little bit. These illustrations were drawn by katsumi. Nama and the other characters are from alcom. Like i said the character's names were not announced to this game is coming out sometime in twenty twenty one in japan so those were the images. There were some other ones as well. If you'd like to see all those. I did put up a slide show video on our youtube channel. So you can check those out if you don't feel like clicking through pictures of via the website here is what we do know and i will just read this to you as this is the about for the new age of heroes karoo new koseki beyond the blue sky ahead of flashing light a land. A dawning resides cuba. There's no spoilers going on in here. This is all preliminary stuff in the news story arc. So we don't have to worry about that type of stuff the ladder this latter half of the trails. There is about to begin. The setting moved to the calvert republic in two thousand and twenty one foul calm release. Legend heroes kernigan the latest entering the trail serious as its fortieth anniversary rumors of work. The calvert nation is a multi ethnic nation experiencing unprecedented economic growth. Brought about by post war reparations. In a corner of the capital of a huge nation were immigration issues bringing about political instability. Okay well maybe. There are some spoilers in here okay. let's just get to the best. I'm sorry i read that. And i didn't think about it until just now okay. The command style action time bow system. You didn't previous trails. Titles has been revamped and that's going to set up an from a couple people. Let's just see what they said. Seamlessly transitioned from action oriented field battles to turn based commands battle to turn based command battle systems while making use of the unique elements the sixth generation combat or meant would try to pronounce his last time. I'm not sure how it is x. I f. r. x. i. p. h. a. z. Feel in a ballots to evolve from the previous trails titles. Okay so what does that mean. I don't. I don't know i really don't know how to had say seamlessly transition from action oriented field battles to turn based command battle systems I i mean obviously there's a bit of an extra element when you strike the enemies on the field in order to go into the turn based battle i. I need to see this in action to really know what they're even beginning to talk about would just have to wait and see You will feature many elements you laws. It's setting including a topics system which enabled together until such topics by communicating with. Mpc's out towns tra- gate situations in your favor when you act as a spray gun and that is the The character it's basically a detective. But they're calling them spring and alignment flame system. In which characters three alignments great and chaotic fluctuate depending on your own style influencing various status allies and adversaries and even scenario developments please look forward to allege heroes lowest entrance toasters depicted enrich expression by thumbs new original ingen. So that's that's pretty cool Here's what how they set up the situation and I get. I don't wanna get too much into this. The to emit the two people that you see in the image the one is the one call the speaker those are they say sometimes detective somedays negotiators and other days as bounty hunters. They're up for any job from any client. That's pretty cool And then the other one is Say to be a school girl wearing uniform. Prestigious school visits a rundown building located in old town in cowards capital. So that's the setting that's beginning of it. You can check out those images. Like i said there's a third character in the images as well with the two swords on his back and some long hair but we don't have any details. There is a battle scene that shows what looks like to be a craft or an art powering up but that from that snippet it does look to be turn based. So don't i'm so confused as to what to make. But i'm certainly excited about this one. But the lack of details and the promise of something new is leading to some question marks popping up. And i don't necessarily love that idea but it is what it is and until we learn a little bit more. It's just going to be speculation Unfortunately though that wasn't the only bit of information. And i'm sure we'll have a bunch more but Foul calm day twenty twenty winter. Also let us know about and this is not really affecting us as much. But they did. Say that a hatch marco koseki which is the one before this one and after cold steel four Clouded leopard entertainment will release a switch. Pc esteemed version of the game Sometime in summer. Twenty twenty one in japan in asia. I'm nearly positive. That's the same company that handled The transition for coastal three and four to the top of my head. So i came out for. Ps four in japan on august twenty seventh. So you know nearly a year later. They're talking summer to get that Switch pc version now. It handles the asian side of this and i s america handles the translation available. At least they have for the past two games In the cold still series in the west still no confirmation that that translation is ongoing. That have to assume that it is unless it's being handled by other parties I mean exceed did do the first two trills of cold steel games but at imagine that they are going to do this hedge amari as well and as soon as i hear something about that it will happen. It's certainly a good thing that this is happening and It could lead to a speedier at least for these games in the west. But like i said still no information on unfortunately. The last thing that they talked about was not briefly. Mentioned this last time the natto. noca- seki game. That is coming out in japan for For playstation four. This was the old Two thousand twelve least. Psp action rpg though some new details and images kinda showing the ps p version versus the Ps four version of it They're sent opposites gonna run at sixty frames per second on. Ps four with more vibrant graphics. Not being obviously these are things that you'd want to have updated from an old old system user interface options One thing that i thought was very interesting. And i'm not to say what they say. This game is not connected to the trails game. However the main character's name is now utah herschel now you trails players especially cold. Steel will know towa. Her last name is hershal So what they're they say there's no connection but then there's a connection is the protagonist and a boy from that island who attends and academy in saint elise. Those aren't you know aren't names that i recognized the from the trails series so it is very very interesting and i would be would like to know what that connection is at kind of read through it. You can read through the tales. Like i said before i am lower on the percentage scale To say of this game was actually going to make it over here or not. I if i if you say your day is gonna come today out outs. Action say no but would just have to wait and see. The original game did not look super impressive. So this isn't a game that i'm all that excited about to begin with but we'll have to. We'll just have to wait and see if that indeed happens for a lot of switch owners the next. Gop g they will more than likely be picking up is going to be bravely default to gain closer and closer to that february twenty. Sixth rolled wide release date friend square annex released new trailer for it albeit in japanese and have still not seen an english version of this yet so it talks all well. Supposedly it talks about wiz walt. The country established by those mejia's. They did it themselves to studies. The magic research institute But the the real kicker with this one and you can see it. Is this places overgrown. It looks like it was built kind of in the middle of it are on top of a giant tree. And there's just this tree just going right up through entire town is really cool again Trailer is how long was trailer of about three and a half minutes. Like i said in japanese so you can't really tell what's going on but it is kind of cool to see some of the visuals in action Four it but if you're elected shake those game out for yourself you can check out the demo for it It is now live on the east shop and One who feels the demo before its release will even pick up one hundred mine. Intendo platinum points here is the Short official description of the demo experienced the games at risk and reward system character strategy and stunning visuals in the latest braley default to final demo in this demo. The games four men characters are already other journey with jobson abilities at their disposal. I downloaded this. The other night. as if getting the switch away from my kid was hard enough with minecraft previously The kid did pretty good for Christmas and her birthday. And i now had to contend with her own copy of animal crossing so she and my wife can play two switches and who copies of animal crossing so they can will each other's islands. I know she also got the Spyro trilogy which. I really enjoyed those games growing up. So i can't wait to play those with her and relive those moments and she picked up mario maker to so. I'm not seeing that switch for a while. Maybe once she goes to sleep. If i don't have anything to play eck fired that demo. I would like to see how it is shaping up as will If you've got some free time and you're looking for d'you monster hunter rise. There are to say ten videos in total. Let's do a little no here. One two three four seven eight nine ten eleven twelve. There's twelve total. So i check. They were they were released in two packs. I take them all and made them into six long. Because it only about a minute minute long. So if you're one to check out some of the different weapons they go into monster hunter rise. You can do that going from Things like the switch axe gun lance hammer sorted shield heavy light bogue gun. Land is long swords and even the hunting horn. You check all those out over on our youtube channel. J rpg report dot com. You can also see a new second official trailer for the action. Rpg magnum lord Still no western released on this one yet. It is coming out in japan on march. The eighteenth for playstation four and switch said. This is the second trailer for the game. It looks pretty cool. I do hope that they bring this one. Over is from publisher. D three Developer felicia quite heard of them before. But still no word on it. I really hope they bring this over because it does pretty fun but yeah nothing Nothing quite yet. i'll go over some of these ones. That are just videos. There's a fifteen minutes of new footage from christ tales. This is previewing the present and future game play of it Remember this game got pushed back to early. Twenty twenty one. That's just the winner that don't into it's been Hit with a couple delays here lately. Not sure how much. Everything's pandemic related at this point but how much they just wanna fine tune things in. How much is really needed to make this work. Obviously you're doing with a system of past present and future while stuff can go wrong and working Just the way that you would like it to work New genesis the fantasy star online. To almost say reboot but definitely the new version of there is the opening movie for it and you should probably check this out. If we're looking at over fifty minutes of new footage as well mostly the character creation for its but this opening movie You know typically when you see these opening movies. They're using a pre rendered scenes. This was actually created using parts of the in game graphics. Engine which looks amazing Definitely if you're looking forward to this you should check it out sometime in twenty twenty. One is the release date Four it but again. This is one of those. Well not one of those but this is the faa gain. That i'm kind of just don't understand why it's not on playstation four. In the west it is in japan. But you've got to either play on xbox or on pc here in the west doesn't make a ton of sense but there's just things like that in this world that we gotta kinda get used to them. I guess we got three bits of sky news this week. i is. You can check out the fourth official trailer for six defiance of destiny I believe there's an english. There's an english version for this out. Now you can check it out. There was originally came out. There was just a japanese version but the english version shows off of really cool voices that they've got for the game. They got some good voice. Talent in this one in Very fitting for the series especially the little reincarnated pug services is awesome It's about seven or review of the game If you are curious about what's going on in this one changes that they've made this series. You will definitely want to check it out. Of course it doesn't come out in the west until summer. Twenty twenty one. Japan is going to get it in right about a month on january. The twenty eighth The other day actually. This was on christmas eve that this news broke New punchy released some new information screenshots for the game featuring and i hope i get these names right la haro aetna and flown Those were the original characters from the original the sky and they are saying that Basically once you beat the game you can Play a scenario with these original characters in it so kind of a you know. They're not in the main game this something post post content but the fact that they're in their would open the door to other characters popping up from other games as well. So that's a cool thing The world inside of an item. I m worlds have mended. Detailed in this article on worlds are divided into several fours slash layers and the items level increases with every four. That you clear says weapons become stronger as they level up. You can clear there either. Worlds to power them up once. An item is leveled up. You can get the same item at the same level from then on pretty cool feature of the sky series all these images i took input into a slide show. You can check that out on our youtube channel so you can dispatch companions into item worlds to research them. There's a new team attack system with up to ten characters in it. That's a pretty cool feature. New enemies were detailed There's a new horsemen. That's pretty crazy. So here's the Previous protagonist Oh here we go says not only will hear from. Our doctors appear the protagonist in heroines of the sky. Two three four and five will also appear in three d. The protagonist and heroines wilburs as downloadable content sometime after the launch of disguise six. So there's a from the sky to or i don't know in timika these pronunciations. I'm at risk of offending people. I understand how they're supposed to be pronounced So yeah they're gonna add them in there as as post content deal see. That's the type of thing. Like i would think you'd be okay with paying for because that's obviously not a part of disguise six. They are previous games characters in new content. So take how you feel about. Dlc that is that's one thing i think is is no k To do speaking of all those previous disguised characters they are all assembled in the rpg. Mobile game And we got news from bolt chain games that they will release worldwide the mobile version the sky arc in spring. Twenty twenty one Unless you're in these countries in the no fast if you are but we are a western primarily focused podcasts. So you're not going to get in china taiwan hong kong macau singapore malaysia or korea Sorry don't i don't know why maybe that is. Just it's gonna come out later. Maybe there's some rules preventing that From happening if we're interested in getting it on a closed beta for the game. They will have one for canada. Brazil australia and the philippines sometime in january so really happy to see this thing go worldwide. There was a global announced trailer for it This came back It came back in march of twenty nineteen in japan. Had a whole bunch of issues with it and It was de definitely the this game was deadly responsible for some financial hardships for nippon ichi. And they finally got up. Right obviously gotta writes the point. Now they're really to bring this thing out worldwide As far as the gotcha game or not. I don't know if i recall. I think it was paid game. But i should probably ended up before speaking about it. But i'm sure there's elements in there but hopefully this is a Not another one of those kind of like. We've we've like. We've got enough of those already know ankara today. So in place of it you get one last plea for listener support We've had a few people signed up for but really not a whole lot of response so I kind of said you guys. I would do this to the year. See what we got and move forward I would love to have listener support. Not have the need for ads but it is just a reality of life and we may just see what that happens. If i get a bunch outpouring of support here after listening to this. I may reconsider. But at this point at least in the a few few adds to offset the cost of Of the time spent during the podcast hope to understand and hope you are okay with that excited much. Rather have just you guys Do that and not have to worry about. It would wait and see so you. Click on the link right below this episode. Either through anchor. John daly greatly. Appreciate it. And i don't have the read ads. You don't have to listen to him. That just seems like it'd be the the best thing for both of them If you're looking forward to to see how to say these things seal thurs. Dx and the They were supposed to come on japan on february twenty eighth. they have been delayed until march fourth. Twenty twenty one in japan. So if and when a western. What's going to happen for that. it's now going to be About five weeks later. I would to guess based on This delay these games Were from chloe tecmo and gusts so yeah just a little bit of Delay they save for further quality improvements. The games will be available for. Ps four switch and pcv steam win. They are released whenever that is sort. Online alsatian lakers got version one point to update it is now available and it adds a simone's ancient apostles story of course over various user interface online system battle improvements bugs fixed in addition to those two that new ancient apostles. The reaper of the woods. These are the first in a series of free additional stories. So yeah if you've been playing this game and you want some new content. You can get that for free. Always happy when they decide to do that. Company manhattan people interesting name for a game. Company will release an ios android version of us six. The arc of nepotism in twenty twenty one. The company announced again. Sorry if i got that name or wrong the us titles loves to make imprint answerable words all the time Remember not long ago. We got word. There's gonna be a mobile version of us eight This may just be the next in the line that are going to have a mobile versions for For all the used titles are no further information at this point or was announced. Just this is going to be happening. Of course this is in Is in japan so kind a like. he's eight version. No word if that's gonna be coming to the west and to be quite fair no no word if it's In the west either speaking of Ios android versions of games the alliance hd the alliance alive hd remastered will becoming too often android an early winter. Twenty twenty one in japan. You can already get this game for. Ps four switch or pc much better version of it perhaps it's a little bit cheaper On the mobile platform but still no word of a western release for that mobile platform. So if you want to get this game and you've got one of those consoles or pc. I would say it's that's going to be your Best version of it. One last mobile thing to announce and i will hush about it. Because i know you guys love it so much command action. rpg near reincarnation will launch for and android on february eighteenth. Twenty twenty one in japan. Post your square. Inex- developer apple bought announced. There will be a near on amata in game. Collaboration featuring characters to be nine s and a two day and date with the games launch course that is in japan only No information listed here about the worst and inversion. I'm pretty sure this one's coming to the west but Don't know exactly when that's going to happen. Speaker of near autumn mata total worldwide shipments in digital sales have exceeded five million according to square inex-. That's an awesome awesome plateaued to have reached and kudos to them for that. I believe that is one of many reasons why we are getting the new near game coming out or re rematch. Whatever you wanna call it of that new one coming at a replicant here soon. That's another game to start saving. Your opinion is four and hopefully build a buy. All these games coming out here in the near future. I've got one last. You talk about with you guys again. probably wouldn't talk with jordan about our game of the years for twenty twenty four to twenty twenty one. The next podcast. I am still trying to get through. Colts deal for Often not had time to play here lately. I think just hit or maybe just shy of one hundred hour mark. So i've still got a good thirty to forty hours to go hopefully make it in time to Play roz a two day one but we have to wait and see that game just keeps on keeps on going but Going to be is going to be tough. I'm really going to have to search my feelings. That i think is flowing anything to if it's going to be found pacers. Seven remastered or a remake rather or four. It's it's really tough there. There's my heart says one thing amonte says another and there's different things to have to consider overall ought to make that final decision here real soon on what that What was looking forward to our thoughts here are coming out this week on. Kyle duncan beckett. This just insane twenty twenty year but looking forward to twenty twenty one famitsu has gone and interviewed a bunch of creator interviews and one hundred and ten of them to be precise al shift to here and try to find the big ones but right off the bat. The biggest one to me is from atlas and so They've got three different people. The first one is Crater takata and his keyword was think outside. The box is what's new is says so about sonoma say five. We are working hard on development to make it an even better product. You'll be waiting a little while longer. Please look forward to it. from trader wada his keywords carrying out my original intentions. What's new is my project has been steadily in the works. Thanks to everyone. The persona series will celebrate its twenty fifth anniversary. We have exciting plans in the works. So plead look forward to it. Love those things and hopefully something comes of it. Here is the Big one that we've not heard about in a wall and this is from a shimano is keyword. Silence his ambition for twenty one with last year's nobody Causing swift changed the world. All we can do now is can you. To focus on our work. Our title and development is going to an important face and we want to face it in an head on in order to deliver interesting gameplay to the world. What's new here we go. I'd like to announce the title will develop we're developing as soon as possible we previously created contemporary dramas but plea look forward to the quote fantasy. Rpg in quote. We're taking on next there. It is guys we heard about this. Rpg from alice many years ago and then come plead and silence for years. It's still a thing. I didn't think it was. I honestly thought it was one of those projects that kind of just died on the vine right like sound like a good idea. But we've still got persona. We're still got shimagami ten. Say what do we need another. I p for well they still have it. And maybe we're finally going to get a look at it. Obviously this is going to be next generation. Made that's what they were planning the whole time. And my hearing this. I personally think. Obviously as mt five comes i i think this game may be going next and then percent of six. Just my just my feeling on the matter. I may be wrong. But i wouldn't mind seen we've gotten you know we got persona. We got royal. We could maybe use something different in new. So i think that is an incredible Not really an announcement but certainly something that We've been waiting a long time to hear a thing about gung-ho online entertainment. they did the remakes for granted. They not or handle that one They say they're developing a new console title. They hoped to announce able to enough that. Some time This year so i think that's kind of cool. I'm trying to go through. Obviously this is all japanese craters. All genres of games So i am really looking forward to it or not. I'm sorry i was reading. There's going through here. See what is jr related and what is not You got a lot of them that are that are not so here is from a side games. too cocky. His keyword adamant his ambition is iot announce even if it's only a tease an original new title for console that had been developed with my colleagues in my new work environment and nothing but the highest confidence in it. What's new what did you think of the end of the year. Grambling fantasy link announcement the grand blue team. I think we've been able to showcase its solid and high quality single player gameplay appeal falling twenty nineteen multiplayer showing so please continue to the forward to it. thought that they they said they announced that really will launch twenty two so twenty be important that they focus on belmont here square inex- from who says keyword is bravely for the second year in a row. Who that's funny ambitions. I hope fought to success. And that i can prepare for the next one don. Oh and influences weather. It's third or three. I don't know that's fascinating again. I haven't read through all of these. Some kind of reacting as i'm reading the that's very cool. Obviously you would anticipate if this is successful that there would be a bravely the third or bravely default three that remains to be seen Qatar say the story will connect. He says what's new feature fanfest. Seven developments are in preparation. But please wait a little while longer for details. Saito says keyword is near. He says i'm working on here for a little longer. And then there's also babylon's fallen a completely new title. He says i'm pretty busy Fujimoto says changeless nece. That was a word dragon. Quest will announce celebrate its thirty fifth anniversary so hoped to be able to announce something. I can't imagine they don't announce funnel or drain quest twelve in. Its thirty fifth anniversary year. How could they not right. And that's all they're doing is announcing it put. You're putting a logo and anna. Once the end of it it's really you have to at least do that You shot us it. Nope in mind twenty. Twenty one will be the busiest year of my career. I'd like to make a year which i can deliver surprise and excitement to gamers and players will also paying attention to my health. He says please look forward to verse. Nelson sure both five fourteen and sixteen as well. So that's that's interesting Poor guy he's going to be It's going to be busy. So here's president condo from foul com. He's as keyword is turning point in two thousand twenty one foul to major milestone of its fortieth anniversary naturally. Would we should always aim for rejuvenation regardless of turning points occasions. Like this are important. So i'd like to use this opportunity to review our current development methods and systems. I wanted to increase the number of development lines and staff in the cabin. So we've already expanded and reformed we await the applications for those interested in development fell com much much needed president condo. You guys need you guys. Needed just expand like crazy. You really got to kind of get in step with some of the other companies. We love your work but you need to invest a little bit. And so. That's i'm happy to i'm happy to hear that To say the least let's see. Is there anything else to rpg related. I don't think so no. I didn't say anything there. I didn't see a hundred and ten people. So maybe there's a new one coming over. This one was This article came out just a few hours ago. So maybe will be some more reported on the next podcast. I would love to know what you guys are looking forward to most into twenty twenty one Obviously there's a few things there could be. We know we know. Graham fancy rethink is twenty twenty. Two nine percent sure tells arrives going to be tween twenty two. Don't even say sixteen is not coming out in twenty one okay. Neither is remake part two so those the big ones. I think we're going to kind of let go for a little while. But we've got some great games coming out we're gonna talk all about what is for sure coming out on that next podcast and look back at what's happened so far. Have you guys had an awesome christmas convert to a new year. We'll do a new year. Podcast i think thursdays okay. Things are a little bit different right now like next week the kids out of school but then going virtual the week after so as if live can get crazier become a teacher as well right. You guys are all feeling that strain The parents out there as well and his can't just get one bit of for for too long. That would be too easy so anyway. I will talk to you guys here next week. Hopefully it's on thursday but We'll just have to wait and see what works out. Best for all of us. Enjoy whatever jaffe effigies got for christmas or if you're still playing through a game you already had and i see us here very soon. My name is james fisher for the gop report. Thank you so much for this thing. Each and every week until next time get back out there and level up.

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