Sneak peek: New documentary 'The Beatles: Get Back'


Bit of that Beatles documentary. We're talking about music documentaries, and I'm kind of getting into watching a lot of these music documentaries. I don't know why I'm just a little Jack. I'm on But The much anticipated music documentary is a documentary Syriza about the Beatles, and there's a lot of great footage of them in sessions and studio sessions and interviews. From what I understand Here's looking. We're getting a sneak peek at a highly anticipated new Beatles documentary set for release next summer. You're do isn't man thought he was a loner buddy doing? Yeah. Beatles? Yeah, being treated by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson. It's a true fly on the wall experience, And it uses some of the roughly 55 hours of previously unreleased studio footage from the 1969 get back and let it be sessions. The movie paints a very positive picture of the band's time together much different. What we saw in the 1970 British documentary, Let it be Doctor also features the fact for his iconic 42 minutes. Look proper performance, which has never been shown and it's Yeah, this'll is gonna be amazing, because if you watched the old documentary, there was a sense that you were watching the group Frank out, wake up, and that's what they were doing. They were breaking up. So let's take the positivity. How do you think it takes so long to get that video out there just because we've known about it, so I don't know. It's one of the great mysteries, but I couldn't Please don't ask me questions. I don't know the answer to their back A mysteries. Yeah, but I can't wait to see it need two iconic moment never to be recreated. Very pretty Cool

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