France takes careful vaccine approach to counter skepticism


Happening. I in britain in america that simply because of the regulatory approval prices european medicals agency hadn't quite finished its testing. It wanted a bit more data onto the study studies little bit longer. And so the vaccination has been approved by the block and will be rolled out by the block in a unified effort. Yes what happened. Is that the eu father. European commission has set up a central purchasing arm which has bought roughly two billion doses. Vaccines from many different manufacturers. Among advantage of this system is that because of the enormous purchasing contracts the prices sometimes been a bit lower than in other places and having bought them as they become delivered they will be handed out to the european member states strictly in accordance with that population. And how about that sort of national level roll out how. How is that progressing. Already how do you see it. Progressing future well. The interesting thing will be with the benefit of hindsight to see what the best way of doing this. Every country is doing it in a slightly different way so for example in bulgaria. Medical workers got it first in germany and learns the very old. I in the czech republic. The prime minister andrei bobby. Scott i now he is himself ferry olden and somewhat overweight and probably did need to have the vaccine but he clearly jumped the here on the other hand. You could argue in countries. there's liable to be a bit suspicious of vaccines. It makes sense to have a high profile vaccination of a public figure because there's a fair bit of vaccines skepticism around this a great deal of vaccine skepticism around france according to the polls is one of the worst offenders here and they routinely i. I've seen number sang as high as forty percent of french. People say that they want to have this vaccine. And so all of this discussion is predicated on the biotech vaccine. But others are in the pipeline. I mean how do you see that playing into the dynamic here. Yes of course. The one that people are most interested in is the oxford astrazeneca. one because it's far cheaper than others typically costs about two two dollars rather than twenty dollars a day. Spur but patsy for more important it can be stored at normal temperatures. The fis vaccine have to be kept very cold temperatures indeed so it means the vaccinations can really only take place in hospitals or well-equipped centers. And it's much harder to get out into communities. There's a french well made by sun. Ofi which i'm sure will be pushing very hard to to get rolled out sued the other ones too including some wants from china and russia which some countries in europe a key to take because they're cheap and because they may be available but i don't think they will be very widely taken up and on that matter of availability. How is that unified distribution effort playing out eu solidarity over the purchase and distribution of vaccines is a bit of an issue. The european commission wanted this to be a great european project with everybody following the rules and the commission doing all the buying and selling the prices and having it out to everyone. And i think they sorts. I'm afraid to say as a great sort of propaganda coup if could pull it off and they more or less have pulled it off. But we've seen impatience in a number of countries germany in particular who say hungary actually one or two others. They're worried that the eu hasn't bought enough of the first one available. That's defies the vaccine said. They have bought their own supplies. That is very bad. In a way the whole reason why the eu went down the suit in the first place. Was i difficult to keep prices life but also to make sure that you didn't get into a situation where every country was bidding against each other by much more than it needed so there has unfortunately been a bit of that but on the whole the system seems to have worked pretty well. I think the biggest problems actually would. These drugs are log to be availability so much as ability to actually get the stuff out that and with that in mind then do you think that. This approach has increased european unity or just given more opportunity for divisions to arise. I think on the whole it's been a plus for the e you sort of as a central organizing principle that that seems to be pretty much the way the singers in brussels they see this as a bit of a triumph that they got everyone more or less to the start line more or less the same time. There's been a bit of teaching but not too much. The interesting thing will now be. Do they use this as a way to build up further. You wide healthcare competences. So will it be more of this coordinated by will be be more of this planning for pandemic preparedness and for instance declaring health emergencies on an e. You roll the leaving it to the national governments spaces. So yes i mean. The bureaucrats in brussels never miss an opportunity to build their empire fair enough. That's the business that they're in. And i think that if this goes well that will have helped that person long a bit and as opposed in in any case getting these things out and to the people throughout europe couldn't have come soon enough we all really at a very very bleak point in the even lucien of the pandemic in the second or even third wave. I've had three hundred fifty thousand people in the eu. Already dad's up. The death rates in germany are close to a thousand today that set the whole phenomenon of creating and manufacturing and distributing vaccine in under a year is pretty remarkable. We lose sight of that. But it's still been an awful awful tragedy.

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