151: DHH Building HEY with Hotwire

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Is full stack radio episode one fifty one. I guess the reason that we're chatting today is because you guys just put out hot wire which is like a set of tools for building sort of modern Web applications as sort of the base camp way which is of course always contrarian and in some way shape or form and i know i had messaged you Way back in the spring asking for the exclusive podcast interview on this tech and it finally dropped. I think like maybe the the week of christmas or the week before christmas. I'm super excited to get chance to chat about it now. I am super excited to finally have it out there. We i originally intended that we premier Rails confidence spring. And then i mean all hell broke loose this year pandemic so the conference didn't happen and then we've released. Hey our new email service and then the million other things and then it wasn't really until coming out from under all of that to some extent that we were looking at like. Oh shit we should get this stuff ready and a lot of it really was just hearing from people not happy with how the developing apps and constantly asking you showed the stack used for. Hey which was. Just boring tech really Plus a few things that weren't released so the release stuff and i think that was really just a motivating factor to get this. Find the out there that i'd hate for someone to embark on a new interesting app and either break their neck trying because they just couldn't get to work. I mean there's so many ideas and so many teams an initiative set of really fragile in the beginning. Where you don't need that much pushback from your main you technology before you realize i dunno. We'll do it two months. I'll push later. And if hot wires anything it's hopefully a way to have less of that have more of an experience of actually. I could do it. I could do it by myself. I can get something out there in very much. The spirit of how we originally created basecamp back in two thousand and three were. I asked the sole technical person built the whole thing. And i was thinking there were not a lot of environments where that was feasible within the amount of time with the team we had into fourth. And i've just to some ways. I've gotten frozen in that moment. To the extent of wanting to believe that it is possible to bill base camp again. If we have to with the team we had but that requires a constant fight with the complex sophistication of all the stuff that we call web development and pushing back on it and try to find new areas of conceptual compression because it's so easy to get lost in the path passed on just dalkia or everything was better in the old days. It wasn't. I mean a lot of things shit and we had to deal with so much crap when it came to development and so many things were harder so not that the past was just uniformly better. It's that there there. There was something there we can get back to If we continue to do the work if we continue to apply these conceptual compressions where retake things that are hard but needlessly. So right i mean there's there these

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