Sweats Are Beating the Pants Off Office Wear


More than six months ago producer. Gwen moran wrote this story about the new fashioned way that swept the country early in the pandemic admit it you succumbed as well to the sweatpants craze what we didn't know back in may's how long lasting that trend would be although as you'll hear some sartorial pundits predicted. Then that sweats were here to stay now. Whether that's a good or bad thing we'll leave that up to you. Take a listen back to this story about the rivalry between champion and lululemon. The late great fashion designer. Karl lagerfeld once sneered sweatpants. Or a sign of defeat with apologies to mr lagerfeld. He never had to do as seven. Am zoom meeting as stay at home. Orders have stretched well beyond their original end dates. Our work lives are increasingly blending with her home lives nowhere. Is that shift. More apparent than in our pero dressing down has become the norm as a result sales of apparel and accessories dropped nearly eighty percent between march and april but there is one bright spot on the otherwise dismal retail horizon. Sales of active wear or at leisure are soaring in particular sweat pants or having a moment in april g kua. We are living in the age of sweat pants and never going back. Even the devil is traded product. For more downscale duds folks editor-in-chief in style icon. Anna wintour posted an instagram shot of herself working at home in tracksuit bottoms this despite once swearing she would never wear them. Just how much growth are we talking about well. Data from tracking firm edited found that sales of sweat pants are up a whopping thirty six percent over the same period. Last year it makes sense. A recent harris poll found that more than half of employed. Americans are working from home. At the same time videoconferencing has skyrocketed as meetings and interviews have gone remote. You may need to be picture. Perfect from the shoulders up but down below. All bets are off sweats. Yoga pants were tracked bottoms. Call them what you will. They're stretchy comfortable and exceedingly forgiving of those late night. Pandemic sour dough bread and butter benches wall street is betting on the trend at least for now analysts susan anderson from be riley. Fdr told fortune that what selling is casual active in lounge wear last week. Shares of lululemon athletic inc rose more than ninety percent hitting a record high. The brand is credited with kicking off the athol leisure segment and simeon seal from b. m. o. capital markets call lululemon an at home kobe winner while the luxury leading may be the it brand of the moment. Lou may have some competition from classic competitor. Hanes brands champion during a call with analysts early. May hanes brand. Ceo gerald evans said the champion dot com sales had tripled. He said volumes. Were at black friday or cyber monday levels. Champion success lies. In the brand's cool factor. Being on the upswing recently and company has been smart about partnerships to in march hanes. Brands unveiled an exclusive multi year agreement with amazon to carry its popular c nine champion line which had previously been sold at target in april. The company announced a new partnership with sesame street for the un's but for those who don't care about cool or if you stop carrying when you stopped going outside champion has a significant leg up in another arena and that's price while some lululemon bottoms will set you back more than one hundred. Twenty five bucks. You can score a pair of champions for less than a third of that price. If sweatpants newfound social status is making you think about tossing all your old suits and ties. You might just want to wait a bit. It seems a backlash has already begun the los angeles times. Deputy fashion editor admonished readers. Dress like the adults are getting paid to be and recent articles like thirteen stylish ways to dress up sweat pants on business insider indicate that even the work from home crowd may wanna feel a bit more put together as leisure brands battle to get people in their pants. Some questions remain record. High unemployment will continue to affect consumer spending and more companies announced. That remote work is here to stay casual everyday. May also be here to stay with no nosy co workers around judge fashion choices workers to fault more minimalist wardrobes after all as long as they pass the sniff test how many pairs of stretchy pants does anyone really need. The answers will come as more businesses open and people go back to work. We'll traditional dress code stand or will homebody style find its way into the office while athletes. Your manufacturers are pulling up. They're not so big kid pants and making the most of the moment. Employees may be hedging their bets over memorial day weekend data from edited showed shape wear one of the top five apparel categories. Selling out so maybe all that sour dough bread can't be ignored after all

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