Holiday Special: A Christmas Carol (Pt. 2)

Dog Tales


Caution for children under thirteen ebeneezer. Scrooge stood in the darkness of his memories. his head down. He didn't need to look up to know who was there. Her smell was all around him. Bell sweetened the heir of any room. She walked into the sound of her sobs echoed over the crackling fire. Scrooge croaked out. This is not a christmas. I wished to be reminded of spirit. The ghost of christmas past floated in front of scrooge the flame from his crown dimmer than it had been all night somehow scrooge new admit their time was almost up. The weakened spirit moved his hand to scrooges chin and lifted his head. You cannot hide from this moment. Scrooge took in a long deep breath and opened his eyes bell was just as beautiful as he remembered but the warmth that typically emanated from her face was gone. Tears streaked down her cheeks. Her eyes locked on the young man in front of her twenty five year old ebeneezer scrooge scrooge filled with disgust at the site of his younger self face end emotions shoved back and locked inside the younger scrooge. Scolded his fiancee. You're being hysterical. Bell just because i am a wiser man doesn't mean my feelings for you have changed. Bells cries stopped but they have you found another idol to replace me a golden one. The younger scrooge contorted his face. It was a look that was foreign to the young man but one that the elder scrooge recognized all too well contempt. Scrooge whispered to the spirit. Please

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