A highlight from US Raises Tariffs On European Wines, Spirits Amid Plane Dispute

Newscast - Africa


Charissa knees on campus radio. The trump administration announced additional products from the issue of running dispute over subsidies makers apple s e and co the eu instituted. You don as a trade for the us. After getting approval of the world's trick station a year earlier had opposed tariffs also authorized by the wto on about five billion years dollars imports from the auntie kay including french wine and scotch whisky the us. Trade representative's office on wednesday said it was a thing some of its starves. Because you're used a time period that affected substantially more products than would have been covid otherwise and that the eu needs to take some measures compensates for these and fans and that was the niece at this time on africa business radio. You can't continue. Listen my phone line and stopping. Ww dot africa. Business radio dot com. Fine thank you for listening and rachel she can do.

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