A highlight from Nathan Mannion - Migration, Family and Stories at EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum.


How you doing. I'm doug danny and you're listening to the plastic podcasts tales of the irish diaspora where taking a cultural turn of the plastic. Podcasts today epic. The irish emigration museum stands proudly on customhouse key in dublin and tells the story of irish migration throughout the ages. Founded by neville is still twenty. Sixteen it's been visited by over three quarters of a million people in that time and has won the award of europe's leading tourist attraction for an unprecedented two years running in twenty nineteen and twenty twenty at the world. Travel nathan manion is senior curator and clearly covert has affected his line of work as well as everyone else's so the first question i need to ask him is how you doing. I'm doing well. Thanks to be called here today in dublin bought over or quite upbeat and quite happy to have the doors museum opened again when we're talking it's the The ninth of december. So you opened win. So we reopened on the first and How's the response to just getting back into museums all. I think it's been fantastic. I think a lot of people have felt that little bit of an absence in their lives. The desperate to go on attend onsite events to face to face to engage with the exhibitions and the content that we have downstairs. It was the first day of from since then. It's really start to grow. So we're very pleased at the minute for those of our listeners. Who've been unfortunate enough not to visit epic how would you. How would you describe it to somebody. Yeah so is our immigration museum the first and only one in the country it opens just over four years ago in may two thousand sixteen so really what it does is it tells the stories of the ten million people that are dr lund's from the sixth century to the present day and the seventy million strong our staff asper on the world's those buyers dissents that live all across the world so it looks us the left are the means by which they left. It looks at why the push and pull factors that caused so many people to leave the still island and the north atlantic It looks at the influence that they've had in a whole range of different areas and fields from sports science to acting storytelling and music and then it looks at modern connections. So how do we connect communiques from ireland with that. They asked prep. How is that. The aspirin turn changed how we perceive ireland. Her irishness and wasp. Does it mean moving into the future. What was the impetus behind founding. Yes it's actually quite an interesting story and it takes us all the way back to the debts of the session in teen harland's Times we're quite bleak. Money was even scarcer. The government had the idea that if wanted to organize an annual celebration called the gathering may be familiar with they basically invite everybody of our son sestri that they could track down to a big reverse genealogy project to come to arlon throughout the year For celebration onto reconnect with villages towns. All over the country and that they could trace some of their ancestors back to. It was a great success and from that really started to see. Thus the irish aspe- there was a real longing for connection with ardent on the place within ardent had actually engage with their history and their heritage from that as well as the points. That's first minister state with the aspca started put together. I'd for policy at the proper foreign affairs which had never done before starting to take desperate seriously. I one the ideas that they saw that was that should have a cultural sites winning. Arden's where they could come. You know lots of different things went on. They had no money to perform to the proposal. It was a great one. The government would recognize a successful tender for designation of arden's officials the desperate center or cultural center. Lots of different bids came in from all over the islands but it would little funding available. They actually ended up scrapping scheme. Which was which is quite disappointing. But one of the ones that went through was was what would later become epic By philanthropist called netherlands dale so never would be the founder of epic an irish emigrant himself from county downey spent most of his life living all over the world.

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