Wilson, Lockett help Seahawks rally for 26-23 win over 49ers

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Turn it. Hand called his time inside. The ten inside the five touchdown seahawks back. It's up five. Doesn't matter alex collins is gonna punch it in for you anyway. Steve ray will. Kiro with the call outs. Columns ran for eight yards on a yard score. Russell wilson threw two fourth quarter. Touchdown passes the tyler lockett the seahawks rally twenty six twenty three win over the niners They end twelve and four. The seahawks four game winning streak But they are locked in at the number three seed. because of the saints packers winning the seahawks will host the rival rams in the wildcard round next week and mark. How good you feel about the seahawks. After today's game i would. I'm concerned about their offense. It's almost like a flip inverse relation to where they were earlier in the year. Where the offense was we watched it through the air. We had russell wilson pegged as a potential mvp because of how they were allowing him to play and how decay metcalf antilock. We're playing and the defense was all the concern. I mean lock it today. Set a seattle seahawks record for receptions in a season decay metcalf set a franchise record for yardage in a season but a lot of that has to do with the compiled numbers from earlier on this team. At one hundred and nine yards the start of the fourth quarter. They couldn't run the ball and it took a very typical seahawks. Finish the tyler lockett touchdowns and the alex collins dash for a score. I mean they came up late in a game where i would put this a little bit into divisional game against cal shanahan. Who robert sala. Who thought again. It's been weeks in a row. Coaching lights out. I'll made things real tough for seattle seattle things tough for the niners in the opposite way just sort of a typical nfc west beatdown and this niners team. They keep flashing to the box up in the sky where like star players not in the game. I mean they're doing with nobody and seattle. They work themselves out of a funk to some degree. do i trust them

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