A highlight from War and Peace (Sergei Bondarchuk; 1966)


My name's allie. And this is the roost. Falls unites podcast where we watch russian films and films with russian connection as a ways. I am joined by a guest. And what's more. I joined by lynn ally. Sorry talking you that idea. That is quite as to see you in person after very many months of not being able to in person is very pleasant. See you to lynn. Yes yes gas feel so long. It does long say. Yeah after all the responsible social distancing yeah when now throwing caution to the wind by this huge of yeah at to'real notes linen. I recorded this episode back in august. When you corona virus case numbers were considerably lower and when social distancing measures had been relaxed as well though it was important to mention that so yes and what we watch on this auspicious episode will. Yes before before. We say what we're gonna watch the new folks. I feel like they should find out who you are so lynn tells a little bit about yourself. I blend is sometimes. Come over. Russian films with allie allie. For quite a long time like the half lawyers at this. Yeah i think yeah maybe two thirds anyway. It's been a while. Yeah so yeah. Sometimes i do that. I also co hosts. Germany get colts with alli at plugging. I put cost about rem bounds. Yes yes people know. Ram is right. I think so. I think that pretty famous. Yeah let's getting very young people that are light remember. Yeah ninety s yes. Yeah it's getting onto for like ten years since they broke up as well. Because i remember vividly. Yeah insane but yes. So is the fiftieth episode. So i thought we would. We would toughest to fifty episodes ending before we come the this ten in the morning. It's fine maybe it's maybe it's an appropriate drinking time where you're listening to. Yeah that's true. Yes i'm also. I drove by dr for like another eight hours or so. Say oh you have maybe hinted towards so yes so what we're drinking is some video ska vodka which is want birch vodka. It contains butch juice because nathan rowe vodka. It's russian enough. How can we make it more russia. Let's put some birch birch beer with pennsylvania off. yes yay. i mean it's horrible. I made like root beer. But i will say i also married as you know. Previous listeners will know to pennsylvania pennsylvanian. So you know i have acquired some tastes indians. Yeah i mean. I'd rather scrapple than drink budge. Scrapple is good on that note so these are very nice losses. yes yeah very purchaser. This is quite old vodka. This was a buffalo is is not mature goes off so but because our smell of anything says that's

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