Families of Negro Leaguers rejoice in MLB's decision to recognize league

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On wednesday. Mlb announced that it was quote unquote elevating negro leaguers. Two major league status within its official historical record which helps explain why google searches for the name. Josh gibson suddenly started spiking. Baseball says it's figuring out how to include negro leagues statistics into its canon of sacred numbers. And there is no resume quite as legendary or as mythical as that of the late josh gibson. The catcher that satchel page once unambiguously deemed the greatest hitter. Who ever lived. So i called up shawn gibson. Josh's great grandson and the executive director of the josh gibson foundation to understand what mlb's decision to elevate his great grandfather means to him. Well first of all. I don't like the word elevating. I think it should be more of a merger because niggly baseball player or major league players as well. So that's first and foremost this. And i want to bid tuesday night as josh gibson's greg grants and i woke up as josh jacobs. His grandson asher to cerebral calls questions about this happened. Literally when people say happen literally overnight it literally happened overnight and to wake up and see that in lobby made the announcement and josh gibson. Now what we consider not just one greatest league baseball players he. He'll be considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time and so for us in our family. It's a great honor. Ona understand josh. What you heard growing up from family from friends about how your great grandfather considered his own career compared to those who had the opportunity who were afforded that opportunity to play in the majors for jars. You know and the other great negro baseball players you know. They knew they were great players. They didn't even know by to tell him that it was just a decision At that time it was in that era. that kennesaw mountain land is denied the opportunity to play in the majors but did not stop him. They barnstorm against a lot of white baseball players. And you know as well as we know. I know is that a lotta times. They beat the white ball players in. So that's something right there. And so when i totally stories just in our family. There's we call josh gibson big josh. 'cause josh gibson junior of course is the sense that you can't say jockey get confused. I wanted to ask you about one of big joshes more famous nicknames. He was called very famously. The black babe. When you hear that sean about your great grandfather how does that make you feel you know. Let's say this bridge. Stevens bakers great grandson. He's one of my good friends. We go back and forth back and forth on this all the time. I didn't know that okay. Tell me about your relationship with him. And what you guys talk about on this regard. That's great so burn. Stevens is bait roof. Great grandson and so we always talked about. You know josh gibson's compared to my grandfather. And i'm like well that's what you but if you ask me about. Bay roof is a white josh gibson. So we go back and forth. Is we always say our people always say Yankee stadium was called the house. Ruth bill in ice t's brent are okay but who hit the furthest home running stadio i give them on that one. Well i mean. I want to even push that. Story further sean. Because i grew up going yankee stadium. He's the only human being to ever hit a fair ball out of the park out of the house. That babe ruth ledley built. I don't want to rub it in his face to. I don't go that far. I just say the furthest rebel. We all know he headed out. The ballpark. we know is over near babe. Ruth kane close no all seriously. I've heard several stories two different stories. I heard it. It's out of the ballpark. Been a heard from some players that hit like the top tier of moammar. So you wrote a piece of the undefeated in august about your grandfather's name being on the mvp trophy. And that may have been unthinkable at one point but now it does feel like there could be momentum towards that. Why is this important to you and your family. Then the peak kinda fell on our lap on. This happened to read an article about terry pendleton barry. Larkin and mike schmidt. Making a case to remove kennesaw Mountains landers name off the mvp award and it gets to okay. Well here at a names that they're considering replacing the name with in his frank robinson branch rickey and go shoot josh gifts literally again on the phone with my board directors. I said listen. We just found herself in a race. Let's see how we can win it so for us. I'm hoping that the vwa taking consideration of this and really think twice when they make a decision to rename this after josh gibson but this mvp war if this may not. The jaw is just about josh gibson. This will carry on the legacy of all the other great players as well. Who were denied the opportunity. So josh gibson is carrying several thousand players on his shoulders but his vp award the page. Family the buck leonard. Cool up a bail family. Turkey stars fan oscar charleston. Family all great players will all celebrate. It'll be named after josh. But every time i speak about this i'll make sure represent all the family members who were denied the opportunity

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