Contractor pleads guilty to selling Chinese-made body armor


After after gear gear he he sold sold to to the the U. U. S S government government wasn't wasn't what what he he said said Itwas Itwas as as far far as as the the U. U. S S government's government's concern. concern. There There is is a a difference difference between between something something made made in in Hong Hong Kong Kong and something made in China and the government's not interested in buying stuff made in China. But that's where some ballistic vests helmets. Another riot gear sold to the government by 67 year old Arthur Morgan of Lorton was actually made not in Hong Kong like he had, said the CEO of surveillance equipment. Group incorporated, pled guilty to wire fraud and illegal possession of a firearm. On Friday, Morgan will be sentenced in March. John Doe Mend W. T O P News. Some of the first vaccines

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