Cuomo administration 'froze' over New York nursing home data requests


There are calls for the governor of New York to resign after his top aide admitted they withheld information about the number of covert deaths among nursing home patients. Secretary to the Governor Melissa Derosa, on a call with legislators this week said the Cuomo administration froze over worries the actual number of nursing home deaths was going to be quote used against us. After the Federal Department of Justice demanded the information recently, the state was forced to admit the death toll. Was 15,000 nearly double what it had been reporting in January, Governor Cuomo tried to defend the lower numbers. It's not about Pointing fingers of blame. It's that this became a political football and said where the person died in the hospital or died in a nursing home. It's The people died. Republicans are accusing the governor of a cover up and want him to resign. Even some Democrats want to rescind Cuomo's emergency executive

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