OA464: Impeachment 2 Secret of the Ooze

Opening Arguments


From a podcast. Hello and welcome to opening arguments. This is episode. Four hundred and sixty four. I'm thomas and that is andrew. How are you sir. I am prepared to go forward with it. I am here. Live and i am not a cat. And we got that posted at us a few times a few. Yes we saw it. You can sending it to us now. That was funny. Let's go oh man. We got some not only a great episode today. Andrew trump free episode on tuesday. Yeah somebody said this. I think during one of our qna's orbits basically like hey you know trump's no longer in office so we can we look forward to things that aren't you know that don't even remotely deal with donald trump and absolutely so i'm going to bring you. The story of how one union is trying to unionize the second largest employer in the united states that has been entirely union free for its entire history despite the fact that Internationally all of its employees are unionized. So super cool story. I'm really really excited. I did a lot of work on it. You'll learn about the national labor relations act it is a classic away style deep dive and And i can't wait to bring that to you. Yeah we just the problem is we gotta clean. All the trump off the ceilings in the kravis. You know there's a lot of trump we got just got. There's a lot to deal with and then eventually once we scrub all that out. We won't have trump anymore and stuff. Hopefully maybe murkowski thinks that. There's no reason trump whatever be elected again andrew. So i think we're fine. We don't need to do anything else. Yeah was learned zero lessons from the past. Five years checked. I i you know. At least it is susan collins saying yeah i i think he's chastened and has learned his lesson. Yeah i wonder if susan collins was like man. she's really creeping in on my lane. I gotta find countless something even more historically ignorant to say well anyway trump fee tuesday. I can't wait what's going on. I forty five this week. We broke down the initial brief that was filed by Donald trump and talked about Where we thought that might go on. Tuesday which kind of turned out to be correct and So if you would like to hear me making fun of the trump legal teams unbelievably terrible arguments on the process then guinot go ahead listened to To this week's off forty five. What's what's up at us. I l i had a very special. Someone rescheduled so but that upsets rate next week. But i'll take this opportunity to say Checkout philosophers in space doing. I think we're on qna's this was a little weird because we do the patrons or few weeks ahead but anyway it's a fun show philosophy fun hypotheticals all that stuff. Check it out. I really do love that show. It is it is so much fun. It is very different than a lot of what we do here and And that's part of what's great about it. Thanks very much. We've got to get going. There's too much andrews too much to talk about. We're going to try to come here. We go. Joe biden will become the forty.

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