130: Gigi Goode!


And that is the place you can go to sign up and join the hotdog club or rather slide into the thunder. Bunch of hot dog club is so many of you know head on over their son up. And then you support this show while also getting a whole bunch of fabulous stuff and wonderful things. There are reward tears for every option or every preference for one dollar five dollars seven ten dollar all the way up to one hundred dollars which is of course the territory known as the executive producer to your once again. I would like to thank the inhabitants of that to your lindsay rosa. The people's candidate and brian necked and what better valentine's gift to give to yourself as well as a birthday gift for me. Act now and participate in the batman returns movie club with joe black. That will be taping later this month as well as many other exciting things next movie club coming up can't stop the music with gabby done. There is crybaby with cherian sophie. Oh the list goes on but we gotta get to the episode so now without further ado. Here's my chat with delightful fabulous wonderful and talented gee-gee. Goud walks will reagan. We'll see how I'm fabulous how are you all same. Thank you okay outside. So there's that garbage truck we've been hearing a lot about so like the second is sat down and this is the third one two. There's a lot of leaf lowers on my street. And i'm not entirely sure i actually saw one one day and i wish i'd took a video of it because there's no leaves. There's no there's no fucking leaves. What is the doing out there. Agency the only thing i could think of is that you know like sometimes people hire contractors and they feel like if they don't hear noise or something then they're not going to because they're being lazy because that kind of thing but i don't know i mean you're just floating around concrete. It's got to be a waste of energy. It can't be good for the environment. Certain a genius makeup artists studying seamstress and brimstone airlines employee of the millennium hailing from the mean streets of woodstock illinois presently coming to us via satellite from an undisclosed yet thankfully secure location in los angeles listeners. Please join me in welcoming the one. The only the gdp. Good welcome rosie. How i never received an introduction quite like that oh fantastic. I'm quite happy to hear that. Yeah that anytime you'd like stage announce on tape. I guess you do you do. It's lovely to see you. You seem to be holding up not just well but kind of thriving in this environment. I read in an interview in the last however many months that you've really seized this opportunity to hone your craft in the digital realm during this. Well thank you. Yeah i have been so honored and blessed to have been quarantined with my friends at the house of avalon and company And we just have been like nonstop like streaming and creating and filming and editing through quarantine. I think that we have all really doubled up on what our strengths are. We have have a fully four harm reduction company because corning with each other. That's great because when you're when we're not just you when we're all out of quarantine you're going to really be able to utilize that in so many ways just be like second nature as well. Yeah totally i think. There's a lot of stuff that people are getting better at that they don't even maybe realized right. Now that it's it's so easy to cloud hello garbage. Okay it's so easy to last year. The garbage truck now is depositing garbage. And you're pouring in my driveway for the least lower to to come by and blow away. That's great yes No but i think for a lot of people at so easy to get wound up in the negative and the loneliness and the there's just a lot of shit going on right now. that's really. it's hard to overlook. Should i get it. And i have those days for sure but i also think people are overlooking the mental and physical improvements that they may be having without necessarily knowing it because being alone granted. I'm lucky enough to not have to be alone with my friends but being alone you learn a lot about yourself that will carry over while until you are immersed into community again now. Have you ever had an extended period of being by yourself outside of the semi quarantine nature being on rupaul's drag race. Yeah in a sense but for me it was. I've never been completely alone but throughout high school and everything like that. Of course i had my friends in what is spent most of my time alone with my mother. Which would just mean you know her sewing in silence while i'm sitting in the room and watching in. It's just like our little mental bonding time bat. I i'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I'm not sure that i would be able to entirely cope with being on my own. I just i have to feed off of energy from other people whether it's silent energy whether it's

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