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That's grab our bible now turn to psalm. Nineteen some nineteen and the title of my message is the importance of god's word and the believer's life and this is a part of this series that we're calling what every growing christian needs to know so let's read starting in verse seven the law of the lord it's perfet converting this. All the testimony of the lord is sure making wise the simple this statutes of the lord there right rejoicing the heart the commandment of the lord is pure enlightening. The is the fear of the lord is clean enduring forever. The judgments of the lord are true and righteous altogether more to be desired than gold guests than much feingold sweeter also than honey and honeycomb moreover by them is your servant warned and keeping them. There is great reward. You notice sort of the poetic quality of those words. Keep in mind that most of the psalms were originally set to music. It's like reading lyrics to a song and so there's a certain cadence to it and that helps us to memorize it. And we see this very clearly here. And some nineteen as it speaks of the law of the lord. Now we could just as easily take the word out and insert the word word the word of the lord or we could just as easily say the bible. This is a description of god's word so what did we learn here and some nineteen about the bible number one. The bible is perfect. The bible is perfect. The phrase the love the lord is a hebrew term used to define scripture in word is perfect. Now that's in direct contrast to the flawed imperfect reasoning of humanity. We're living in a time where culture is changing before our very eyes and this is especially prevalent here in the united states a country that was originally established on firm judeo christian principles and how we're getting further and further away from those and we're redefining everything including the family itself so as christians. We're we're trying to figure it out. And where do we land. And and what do we believe. Here's what you do you build your foundation on the word of god. That's foundation not changing culture not shifting opinions because these things come and go culture comes and go social mores change over time. I mean look how dated some things. Are they seem so fresh in new at one point. Now they're so dated. How about those pictures in the yearbook do they do. They try to intentionally make you look bad in a yearbook photo. It seems that way. And maybe you'd go back and look at your old high school photos that old and some of you are thinking why. Why did i wear a mullet. What what was the fascination with that hairstyle. What was i thinking but nowadays even a newspaper is dated because we have access to instant news. You get a text on your phone telling you. Here's the newest headline. Here's the newest development. We get news and real time. Things are constantly changing but even though we have instant information. Here's what you need to know. God's word never changes but having said that god's word is is relevant to your needs. God's word is fresh as the morning. Do god's word is always relevant to what you're going through as osama said your mercies are new every morning so i don't need to add to god's word or take away from god's word actually this word that is used here for perfect love. The lord is perfect could be translated. Whole complete and sufficient. God's word is sufficient number to the word of god transforms us. No one of their book transform you. There's some books semi educate you or illuminate you or entertain you but no book transforms you accept the word of god of verse seven some nineteen the love the lord is perfect converting the soul that testimony of the lord is sure making wise. The simple that we're there for converting could be translated revives it restores and it transforms qods word will revive you. God's word will restore you. God's word will transform you now if you're not interested in being transformed and don't read the bible. The bible is a book for those sense of desperation about where they are in light. It's our people who don't have the purpose in life that they wish they had it for people that wish they could change but they don't know how it's for. People who are victims of their circumstances are are struggling with pain or are challenged by relationships. This is the book it got is given to them. Now if all of your relationships are perfect and all your questions are answered and you never struggle. I guess you don't need the bible. And i also think you're in a state of denial because the bible is for everyone and everyone needs to do what it says. The bible is for people who don't have the answers but it's not just enough to read the bible. It's not just enough to study the bible. Listen to this one. You must obey the bible. You must do what it says. James one twenty two says remember. It's a message to obey. Not just listened to if you don't obey you're fooling yourself you just listen. And don't obey your at the person looking at themselves in a mere and they do nothing to improve their appearance. They just walk away. Forget what they look like. But if you keep looking steadily in the god's word that word will set you free and if you do what it says and don't forget what you heard god will bless you for doing it so it'd be like you know what can happen to the mirror and check in yourself before you go out for the day. You think i look fine. You walk out and pick that girl up to a nice dinner and you don't understand why she doesn't seem to be enjoying it. You a big giant stain in the middle of your shirt you saw in the marriage. The looks good to me now. She went see. There was little warning. But you didn't heat it. So i look in the word of god and it reveals something to me about myself something that needs to change and i should pay attention to it. It's like a warning label. It's all there in scripture and that's why you need to memorize the word of god here's why when you have god's word hidden in your heart and you face certain situations it will be there you to draw upon is craig i just. I can't remember anything. I don't even remember where i parked my car. I forget everything. I can memorize information. You know that's really not true. And how is it because our minds are filled was so much trivia. we remember commercial jingles. We remember lyrics to songs. You'd say you can't memorize scripture. You can't read to the bible but some of you've read the entire twilight series or all of the hunger games books. I've read those all of them. All

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