Is Tom Brady now the greatest team sport athlete ever?


Who is the greatest athlete of all time to debate. That i saw again and again on social media today after tom brady won another super bowl. Mvp super bowl ring. He does again at the age of forty three and this might be as most impressive super bowl victory yet. And i don't even know how you have. That discussion in the big picture to be honest is like where. What are you basing it on is the number of championships is it. The number of mvp's is it. How levick you are It could be you know you can dismiss some guys because they're part of a team sport versus individual where it's one hundred percent of that person that drives a success like that's probably a i mean. It's an apples and oranges thing as well different sports. I don't even know how ya how you could ever come up with that. certainly james. Tom brady is very much in that discussion. Now here's the. Here's the issue. Stevie with tom brady being you know the certainly certainly the greatest quarterback of all time okay. Let's go with that all right. Let's go hands down greatest guy to play that position seven championships multiple. Mvp's multiple wins games. All that stuff. So i think he's the greatest quarterback but but if you if you were on that same team with tom say prior to the tampa and you're on the six superbowls and you know another player on that team another quarterback of course but so so. Where does that leave you. You know if you're if you're a middle linebacker going or gronkowski on. Hey i want six. There is that what is that. What the qualifiers. To be the greatest of all times. I was there. I wouldn't six so the the football kind of funny for me to pick to pick a player that has a completely different position in hockey. For example everyone you know you got a bunch of forwards bunch of skaters know and they award them bill norris trophy for defense and all that stuff and so hockey. I think you can figure out who. Who's greatest of all time because you're comparing apples to apples there. So that that's a bit of an issue for me to single dot saying you're the greatest of all time again again because there'd be other guys who played on that team who won super bowl championships you know it's just an interesting position to because everything goes to the quarterback it's such a unique position your guiding the ship. You're the leader of the team on and off the field. It's such a unique position that in team sports is not really another comparison in my opinion the other sport that i could compare that to where where i think. You're singling out a position player. So i don't think you can call them the greatest football player of all time. It's quarterback baseball right. You can get an you. Get an ace pitcher. Okay on a on team of course and if you said okay well he's he's the greatest baseball player of all time. And you're going to wait. Wait a minute wait a minute. I'm i'm sammy sosa over here. Okay right what do you mean. I'm where i'm pete rose there. I'm i guess pizza name wouldn't be in there anymore. You know what i mean. So bad is gonna wait. Wait a minute here. Fifty dinger's here for eight of my twelve seasons

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