Pigs Can Play Video Games Using Their Snouts, Scientists Discover


Pigs can play video games. Everyone you heard that right. Scientists at pennsylvania state university said they trained to ponder pinto micro pigs and yorkshire pigs to use an arcade style joystick to steer onscreen cursor into a target that was displayed on a wall in front of the pigs. Now when the pigs were successful they learned over time. They'd get a food reward so they were like okay. We want that. However the scientists say during testing the food dispenser broke and the pigs kept plane apparently because they enjoyed the encouragement they were getting from the scientists. Did keep getting things right now. You might say this is amazing. Wow east sports really is going to change the game of the yorkshire pigs. Hamlet was better at the game than omelette both struggled at harder. Levels of the pinto micro pigs ebony hit the target thirty more percent of the time ivory was a better shot at seventy six

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