F1 agrees to engine freeze for 2022


I up and essentially we chatting about two issues in one segment. Here it's the main takeaway points from thursday's meeting if the f. One commission in the meeting unanimous approval was given for an engine freeze to come into play from start next year. Movies only really agreed in principle as the commissioners requested additional details regarding the freeze before it's formally confirmed the push Free was originally led by red bow hopes to take on the honda engine project off to the manufacturer lease again of the twenty twenty one john first of all. Because i think it's always worth giving it such a vague title is the f. One commission and more than has agreed upon in relation to this engine freeze at this stage so therefore the commission has existed for decades. Now it's always been viewed as carnival. The first stage of the the formal kind of rules process so their firewood would meet with say sporting directors or tentacle directors service spotting working group technical working group when they would kinda work on ideas and proposed proposed ideas then in the up to the loss congresswoman. You'd have a strategy group which evolved the top teams who would then vote on stuff that affected the top teams only which became a big bone of contention that stress groups. Now so what we. Now have the f. On commission which used to be made up of a mixture teams the f. won a few representative and engine many representative sponsor representative but now now the situation is much simpler. It's thirty members. Ten votes ten votes for one ten votes for the team Basically if you wanna get rules changed instantly it's now called a supermajority so the need for unanimous support is no longer there. It's twenty eight votes. Which means you can't have a situation. I had lost. Sight is blocked the reverse. Grace idea you'd need at least three teams began something for its get blocked so i think is a much better process now should hopefully ensure you know a bit more ensure bit more of a more structured process in a collaborative process as if seemingly engine freeze swing in the old days. You would have been unlikely to get full support for an engine freeze. But it's been work tons to fundamental is determined to bring a new era into one where things get done properly. We've seen the the first outcomes of that yesterday indeed. How big a decision is they. Sytems of what it means more could it potentially due to the future patients regarding the competitive order in formula one. Yes a massive thing. I think we've seen we saw the past few months ever since honda announced his exit from athlon redbook very constant. They said we've got lots of options very relaxed about things and even though there are only seems to be three manufacturers. They could worked with mercedes ferrari and renault. The rules sat side if none of them came forward to give supply deal when i would have to appeal because it supplies the fewest teams. So i think that But it was never something. The red bull really wanted to go down the avenue so they were always very competent than most at taking over the honda engine projects. Which obviously would be a huge undertaking. But they always said it was dependent on a development and f one for the engine side and that as being something that seems so gone back and forth on the past months. Initially you had red bull mercedes very much in favour. Ferrari were against it. Then ferrari goal agreement to bring forward new regulations for the power units from two twenty six twenty twenty five so they were on board but they wanted a balanced performance style mechanism to show no manufacturers called left behind the ladies. Were against it again. And sorta gone back and forth and so we finally got that none of station three. And yeah i think it is. It's very important for the competitive order because it means the ultimately once we get to the start of the twenty twenty two sees an your power unit is set then until the end of twenty twenty four and that's really really huge thing and it's been made very clear by those out in the meeting. There is no balanced performance. Sort of element to this. There's no that if you find yourself suddenly behind you've got to get some benefits. Maybe increased fuel flow or anything like that. Spare catch up again. It is very much that you've gotta get it right first time around. So it's i think bread bullets very exciting is a really cool opportunity to do something you and take on the honda projects which are saying through rights the twenty one but there is also the risk of if they don't get it right and the star twenty twenty than they're going to be stuck in a position for a couple of years so it's going to be pretty high stakes going into next

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