Overwatch League Releases New Format, Schedule for 2021

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Quite a few changes for the league that likely at the toughest twenty-twenty seeing multiple players retire in entire roster is being dropped to cut costs and stagnant viewership while the o w l sister lead. The CDL has actually just kicked off the o w l won't start up until April 16th the goal I think was way out ahead of the covid-19 demek and what we won't be entirely Out of the Woods by April things are actually trending pretty quickly in the right direction. Thank God still the owner of the wall is putting forth a hybrid format that can be played online or in physical locations first off instead of a regular season format like traditional Sports b o w l will be following the CDL into a more tournament based regular-season structure. The structure will feature three weeks of qualifiers, then a mid-season tournament repeated 4 times. So to make that more clear the weekends of April 16th, April 23rd, and April 29th will be the first qualifiers then the first name Tournament will be the main melee on May 7th that schedule repeats through May June July and August. Each tournament has kind of a silly name may may lay is fine. Even if it's a little bit hard to say. Some people might assume to Smash Bros event. There's also the summer Showdown and the countdown cup which are both solid alliterations will give you that but they really Force the alliteration with the June just like white jesting. I don't think it makes sense names aside. This format will likely be easier to follow for fans on YouTube you sports events do well when they crowned some sort of champion at the end of it. Only League of Legends has really been successful creating a regular season format in Esports the c d l o w l and even our LCS have all abandoned their attempts to do so in the last one or two years this year will also see three Western o w l teams competed in Asia the Valiant fusion and New York Excelsior are all moving operations to Asia for this year that brings the divisions to 8 Eastern teams and 12 Western ones. Mid-season tournament will feature both East and West teams, they will start online but will actually compete in Hawaii once they're able to resume safely talk to UAB. I do renounce any critiques of the o w l if you invite me to a mid-season tournament in Hawaii, but I reserve the right to make fun of the name June just I'm just putting that out there right now. And the last thing to talk about with the new schedule is the price full up. Once again this year crossing the song million dollar Mark over all events Grand Champions will get a share of one point five million. But with the o w l the price still feels kind of weird, right like every team paid at least twenty million dollars in often month to even compete in this league at all. Sure splitting for a million is nice but teamed invested a whole lot more to even be in the league having a chance to win a mill back feels different from prizes and leagues that don't cost money millions of dollars to enter But ultimately the o w l can still be successful. Even if it's been pretty Doom and Gloom for a while now, they just have to keep growing in China last year a be reported in ama of birth. 1 million viewers for the playoffs the majority of which are in China. It's basically the Golden Goose for Esports if alley can remain popular in China, they could continue to exist on that alone and it'll be a crucial years so w l that's for

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